Music to Your Ears: Discovering a Delightful Medley of Hand-Picked Genres
Hear that? It’s the sound of Gospel, big band, classical and more all expertly performed in the idyllic Michigan countryside. Join us for this dynamic celebration of music and song.
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6 days
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6 days
5 nights
15 meals
5 B 5 L 5 D
Arrival and Check-in While the daily time schedule is subject to change the content will remain consistent with that advertised here.
Michindoh Conference Center
Merillat Center

Activity note: Refreshments will be available upon your arrival in the lobby of the main hotel/lodge facility. Baggage assistance is available upon request. Dinner will be served in the main Atrium dining room, followed by an introductory session.

Afternoon: 4:00 Arrival and check in. We will have refreshments available in the lodge lounge upon your arrival.

Dinner: 5:30 pm Dinner will be served buffet style in our beautiful Atrium Dining room. Assistance will be available upon request. Please communicate any specific dietary needs to us prior to arrival so that we can ensure your menu needs are met while with us!

Evening: 7:00 pm We will have our welcome and introductory session in preparation for our week together. In addition to the welcome information, we will enjoy a Harp performance by Mikayla Brown. A wonderful way to begin our week together!

Two musical sessions and one performance!
Michindoh Conference Center
Merillat Center

Activity note: Today will include classroom style presentations as well as our campus tour. Breakfast, lunch and dinner will all be served in our beautiful dining area. Please be sure to communicate any dietary restrictions in advance so that we may serve your menu needs while with us!

Breakfast: 6:30 am The Michigan Room will be open with fresh coffee, hot water for tea and fruit each morning. Feel free to get a head start on your day if you are an early riser. Breakfast is served in the Atrium Dining room. You will enjoy the view through the window frontage of your dining area. Breakfasts offer both hot and cold options; light fruit and yogurt or hot entrée options for the heartier breakfast eater. Assistance is available upon request.

Morning: 9:15 am This morning's session will be presented by Dr. Brian Walrath (Spring Arbor University). His presentation is titled "The Spiritual Lives of Great Composers." Our time together will be educational and will include samples from each of the composer's music!

Lunch: 11:45 am Lunches will be served in Atrium Dinning room, located on our lower level of the main Lodge facility. An elevator is available to conveniently assist you as you travel the short distance from meeting room to dining facility. As always, our staff are available for assistance upon request. Lunch menu offers fresh salad bar, several menu options, a light dessert as well as our juice bar. Coffee, tea, water are always available.

Afternoon: 2:00 pm "An Introduction to Gospel Music" Many guests have come to appreciate the unique style of Southern Gospel. Whether this has been part of your personal experience or even if this is an introduction for you, we're sure you'll appreciate a look at the history and progression Southern Gospel Music has gone through. As always, lectures are sprinkled with musical inclusions. A visit to Hillsdale's own "Gospel Barn." Many guests enjoy the opportunity to investigate Michindoh's beautiful campus with a short walk to or around our privately owned Weatherwood Lake following lunch. Others appreciate the opportunity to rest prior to the afternoon session. Whichever your preference, we know you will make good use of the brief break between lunch and afternoon sessions each day.

Dinner: 5:30 pm Dinner is served in the Atrium Dining room. As always, a fresh salad bar is available for your enjoyment along with several entrée options. Please don't hesitate to ask for assistance from one of our kitchen or guest service staff who will be standing by just waiting to be asked for help! If you have additional menu needs that are not being met, please let us know. The juice and milk bar, coffee, tea and water are available. Desserts are served with every lunch and dinner.

Evening: 7:00 pm We are in for a real treat during this evening's concert. A fun ice-cream social and entertainment by Matt Walch with his Big Band/Swooning style!

Two sessions and a concert.
Michindoh Conference Center
Merillat Center

Activity note: TBA

Breakfast: 6:30 am Every morning, the Michigan room will be open with fresh coffee, tea, ice water and fruit. In addition, each morning by 8:15, several daily news papers will be brought in so you can keep on the news. Breakfast in the Atrium. Fresh light and heavy breakfast options available each morning for breakfast. In addition to the full entrée menu, seasonal fruit, yogurt and pastries will also be available.

Morning: Morning session will be presented by Karl Schmidt from Hillsdale College. Karl will entertain us with a look at the "Silver Screen."

Lunch: 11:45 pm Lunch in the Atrium dining room. You will enjoy the full menu options you have come to expect by this point in your week. Remember to pace yourself, every meal is wonderful!

Afternoon: Karl Schmidt take a look at "Big Band" music throughout the 20th century. Many wonderful memories will be brought back while listening to some of this music!

Dinner: 5:30 dinner in the Atrium. Just let us know if your dietary needs have changes at all during the week. We want you to have a comfortable week here at Michindoh!

Evening: Tonight's fabulous concert will take place at Hillsdale College and will be brought to us by pianists Kristi Gautsche and Debbi Wyse. This evening's music will be an unforgettable concert as Kristi and Debbi each play their own individual grand pianos, but at the same time. These women recently performed at Hillsdale College and have agreed to visit us this week! I'm so looking forward to this evening!

concert, several musical genres covered.
Michindoh Conference Center
Merillat Center

Activity note: Community Tour

Breakfast: 6:30 am Michigan room refreshed with coffee and tea. Breakfast in the Atrium Dining room at 7:45.. Because of our fresh meal service, our buffet is open for a limited period of time each meal. Please do your best to attend breakfast close to service time.

Morning: To be announced.

Lunch: Another great lunch meal in our beautiful Atrium dining room!

Afternoon: Community visit to Hillsdale's Poor House and a Michindoh Campus Tour.

Dinner: We will have returned to Michindoh for our dinner meal. Relax and enjoy a quiet dinner overlooking Lake Weatherwood.

Evening: Another real treat for us! Concert titled "Duelin' Basses" with Mark Mathias and Jerry Jacoby playing.

Today we will enjoy presentations and content around various styles of music.
Michindoh Conference Center
Merillat Center

Activity note: Today will be spent entirely on the beautiful Michindoh Campus. As always, all three meals provided.

Breakfast: 6:30 am Michigan room refreshed and open Breakfast in the Atrium. By this time, you will know what a wonderfully full breakfast menu will await your arrival. Staff will be available for assistance or to answer questions.

Morning: Our session will again be led by Karl Schmidt. This morning we'll enjoy looking at Musical Theater!

Lunch: 11:45 pm Lunch in the Atrium Dining room. As you've come to expect, several entrées, fresh fruit and salad, dessert, juice and milk bar. Please ask for assistance if you have food restrictions or needs.

Afternoon: We'll be visiting Hillsdale College again this afternoon, this time for a vocal concert performed by Karl Schmidt and others from Hillsdale College's music department. This is always a highlight of the week! We'll also take some time to walk around the beautiful Hillsdale College Campus following the concert.

Dinner: 5:30 pm Our last dinner together in the Atrium dining area. Regardless of the weather, the view is always beautiful from this room in the Lodge. Enjoy your meal while looking out over the lake and at the incredible natural beauty.

Evening: 7:00 pm Your conference area will have been transformed for our closing night performance. Candle light, sparkling cider, and the finest desserts only serve to enhance the enjoyable evening. Renee Runyon, from Spring Arbor University, will be with us and will both play beautiful background piano music for us but will also provide opportunity for some sing-a-long from some of the oldies and goodies!

Check-out 11:00 am. No sessions on Friday. You are welcome to stay for lunch if desired.
Michindoh Conference Center

Breakfast: 6:30 am Michigan room will be refreshed and open. No news papers this morning. 7:45 am Breakfast in the Atrium dining area.

Morning: 9:00 am Closing Musical performance and presentation.

Lunch: 11:45 am Lunch will be served in the Atrium. Please make sure to have your personal effects out of your hotel rooms by or before 1:00 pm. Thank you for attending the Michindoh's Music, Music, Music Road Scholar Program! Safe Travels!

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