Southwest Landscape Photography With an Arizona Highways Photographer!
With a professional Arizona Highways photographer by your side, explore the sun-saturated landscapes of Arizona and learn important techniques to improve your photography skills.
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7 days
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Getting There
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Check-In,Program Registration, Orientation, Welcome Dinner
Scottsdale, AZ
Hilton Garden Inn Scottsdale Old Town

Afternoon: Rooms available after 3:00 PM. Program registration with the Road Scholar staff is in the hotel meeting room between 5-5:30 PM, which is also where the Orientation session will take place. Orientation and Introductions begin at 5:30 PM. The Group Leader will greet everyone with a warm welcome and lead introductions. We will review the up-to-date program schedule and any changes, discuss roles and responsibilities, logistics, safety guidelines, emergency procedures, and answer any questions you may have. Participants will have an opportunity to introduce themselves to the group. Free time is reserved for your personal independent exploration. Evenings at leisure offer opportunities to make the program more meaningful and memorable through personal independent exploration, engaging in available activities on your own, or simply relaxing and making new friends among fellow participants. The Group Leader will always be happy to offer suggestions. All lectures will be led by our professional photographer; and all field trips will e led by our professional photographer and our group leader. All program transportation will be by vans. BR>Program activities, schedules, personnel, and indicated distances or times may change due to local conditions/circumstances including weather. In the event of changes, we will alert you as quickly as possible. Thank you for your understanding.

Dinner: Plated dinner catered by the hotel restaurant. Entrées will vary nightly. vegetarian and gluten-free option available if requested ahead of time. One non-alcoholic beverage provided, alcoholic beverages available for purchase.

Evening: After dinner, enjoy an evening at leisure, get a good night's sleep for the full day ahead.

Photography Class, MacDonald's Ranch
Scottsdale, AZ
Hilton Garden Inn Scottsdale Old Town

Activity note: Several walks throughout the day, carry your own equipment up to one half mile each. At the evening shoot, walk on unpaved trails and off trail on uneven ground while photographing in diminishing light. Two drives of about 20 miles and 30 minutes.

Breakfast: Enjoy breakfast at the hotel. Large buffet breakfast as well as fresh omelette's cooked to order. Coffee, tea, juices and water available.

Morning: Gather in the hotel meeting room for our morning classroom session. Anyone with one of today's cameras can take a picture; not everyone can be called a photographer. Many of today's cameras are so "smart" that a person can literally point and shoot with the results being very acceptable more often than not. The question regarding equipment is, do you run it or does it run you? Which route to take? Your path or the beaten path? Discover your own unique path to stunning photography under the guided tutelage of an Arizona Highways Photographer. Unlock the secrets of professional photographers and learn to capture the "soul" of a place as opposed to merely its physical appearance. View the world with the eye of a photographer and uncover the beauty and picturesque moments and scenes surrounding you during this photography class. Discuss Camera Basics and explore the controls on your camera. (Bring your Camera and camera manual with you to the session.)

Lunch: Lunch at the hotel is a delicious green salad and sandwich Buffet. Coffee, tea, water to drink.

Afternoon: After lunch we walk to a park near the hotel for a practice session with our new concepts and to learn the controls of your camera. After returning to the hotel, we load up in to the vans for our field trip to 1300 acre MacDonald's Ranch in the lush Sonoran desert. Experience the magic of the desert in the true spirit of the west. Enjoy endless saguaros and fascinating wildlife. Bring a flashlight, a water bottle, and an extra layer.

Dinner: Enjoy a cowboy cookout/buffet at McDonald's Ranch, in a rustic old-west setting. Choices include a selection of meats off the grill, salad, chips and a desert. Drinks include water, lemonade, and tea.

Evening: Return to hotel upon conclusion of photo shoot and cowboy cookout. Recharge your batteries and your camera's batteries for tomorrow's shoot.

Phoenix's Desert Botanical Garden & Photoshop
Scottsdale, AZ
Hilton Garden Inn Scottsdale Old Town

Activity note: Two walks on sometimes paved, sometimes not paved, usually level terrain. Carry your own equipment up to one mile each. Two drives today, each is a local drive of about 10 miles.

Breakfast: Enjoy breakfast at the hotel.

Morning: Photo shoot at the Desert Botanical Gardens. One of only 44 botanical gardens accredited by the American Association of Museums, this one-of-a-kind museum showcases 50 acres of beautiful outdoor exhibits. Home to 139 rare, threatened and endangered plant species from around the world, the Garden offers interesting and inspiring experiences to more than 250,000 visitors each year. The stunning exhibits provide endless photo opportunities.

Lunch: Lunch on your own at one of several restaurants within walking distance of our hotel.This meal has been excluded from the program cost and is on your own to enjoy what you like. The Group Leader will be happy to offer suggestions.

Afternoon: Gather in the hotel meeting room for an afternoon session on Post Processing. In digital photography, post processing describes work that is done on photos after taking them; using software like Photoshop, or Lightroom for instance. We’ll be devoting an afternoon to a basic intro to photo editing using Lightroom and Photoshop Elements. We’ll cover such topics as how to make adjustments to levels, color and saturation, exposure, cropping, and resizing, to name a few. We’ll also cover how to use some of the tools used most often in photography like selection tools, cloning and “clean-up” tools, for instance. Often, just a few minor adjustments is all that’s needed to improve and enhance your valuable pictures.

Dinner: Dinner at a local restaurant. The meal will be plated with one non-alcoholic drink included, with other beverages available for purchase.

Evening: Gather in the hotel meeting room for a photo critique and review session lead by our professional photographer.

Tucson Field Trip, San Xavier del Bac Mission
Tucson, AZ
Hilton Garden Inn Tucson Airport

Activity note: Load luggage, van ride about 125 miles and 2 hours to Tucson. Several walks carry your own equipment up to one half mile each.

Breakfast: Enjoy a breakfast at the hotel.

Morning: Pack up, check out by 9 AM, and load the vehicles, and depart by 915 AM for our trip to Tucson.

Lunch: Buffet lunch at the Hilton Garden Inn Tucson. One non-alcoholic beverage included, Coffee, tea, or lemonade.

Afternoon: Gather in the meeting room of our Tucson hotel for a photo critique and review session. Check in to your room briefly and head out to the San Xavier del Bac Mission, the oldest intact European structure in Arizona, the church's interior is filled with marvelous original statuary and mural paintings. It is a place where visitors can truly step back in time and enter an authentic 18th Century space. A National Historic Landmark, San Xavier Mission was founded as a Catholic mission by Father Eusebio Kino in 1692. Construction of the current church began in 1783 and was completed in 1797. Since the Mission is still an active place of worship, we ask that you respect the parishioners and this holy place and refrain from taking photographs inside during services. Photographing inside between services and outside at anytime is allowed.

Dinner: Dinner at Macayo's Mexican Restaurant. choose from a selection of classic Mexican dishes. One Non-alcoholic drink with dinner, alcoholic drinks available for purchase.

Evening: Late return to Hotel.

Arizona Sonoran Desert Museum, Saguaro National Park
Tucson, AZ
Hilton Garden Inn Tucson Airport

Activity note: Several walks carry your own equipment up to one mile each, on unpaved uneven terrain. two drives of about 20 miles and 45 minutes.

Breakfast: Breakfast buffet at the hotel.

Morning: Visit the Arizona Sonoran Desert Museum. It is widely recognized throughout the world as a model institution for innovative presentation and interpretation of native plants and animals featured together in ecological exhibits. The Museum is regularly listed as one of the top ten zoological parks in the world because of its unique approach in interpreting the complete natural history of a single region (in our case this is the Sonoran Desert and adjacent ecosystems).

Lunch: Lunch on your own at the Arizona Sonoran Desert Museum. your choices include casual dining at Ironwood Terrace and fine dining at Ocotillo Cafe.This meal has been excluded from the program cost and is on your own to enjoy what you like. The Group Leader will be happy to offer suggestions.

Afternoon: Visit the Saguaro National Park Visitor Center, followed by an afternoon shoot at the Signal Hill Petroglyph site and a sunset shoot at the Red Hills Visitor Center.

Dinner: Late buffet dinner at the hotel. Coffee, tea, lemonade and water included. Other beverages available for purchase.

Evening: At your leisure.

Tucson Barrio and photo critique/review session
Tucson, AZ
Hilton Garden Inn Tucson Airport

Activity note: Several walks carry your own equipment up to one mile each on mostly paved level ground. two drives of about 10 miles and 20 minutes each.

Breakfast: Breakfast buffet at the hotel.

Morning: Before Breakfast you may chose to attend a sunrise photoshoot. We will be back in time for a quick breakfast. Head on out to photograph the Historic Barrio district and its interesting architecture; and the historic Courthouse and the Presidio District.

Lunch: Lunch at Caruso's Italian Restaurant. A Tucson institution operated by 4 generations of the Zagona Family since 1938.Choose from a selection of classic Italian dishes. One non-alcoholic drink with lunch.

Afternoon: Photo Review Session and Program Wrap-up.

Dinner: Buffet dinner at the hotel.

Evening: At your leisure.

Check-out and departures

Activity note: Load luggage, Van ride about 125 miles/2hours to Phoenix.

Breakfast: Breakfast buffet at the hotel.

Morning: Pack up, check out, and depart by 8 AM heading to Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport, followed by a stop at the starting hotel. We should arrive to the airport by 10:30AM. After the airport we will stop at the starting hotel. We hope you enjoyed this Road Scholar program sponsored by Northern Arizona University and we look forward to hosting you in the future. Keep in touch via the Road Scholar Social Network and our NAU Road Scholar Facebook page: www.facebook.com/rsadventures; and www.facebook.com/NAUroadscholar where you can share memories, picture and comments. Best wishes for all your journeys!

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