Around the World

Two different ways to journey around the world - by sea and by air!

If you've been searching for the ultimate learning adventuers, look no further! Journey across the globe on two unique voyages or fly via private plane, making stops at historic and natural wonders along the way.  For the learning adventure of a lifetime, make the entire world your classroom!

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2023 Travel Around the World by Plane & Ship

Have you always dreamed of a tour around the world? At Road Scholar, we can make that happen through our private plane or ocean voyages. With the ability to see the world by sea or air, you can make the entire world your classroom. To travel around the world with Road Scholar, you can choose between two unique voyages or fly via a private plane that stops at historical and natural wonders. Ready for your around the world tour? Explore what you can see by plane or ship below with these one-of-a-kind educational adventures.


Best 2023 Travel Around the World Tours

Whether you want to go around the world by private jet or take an around the world cruise, we have unique learning adventures with their own round the world itinerary from which you can choose. Take a look at the different ways you can see all the corners of the globe with Road Scholar:

  • Travel around the world by private jet: At Road Scholar, we have two private jet journeys from which you can choose. Our first program allows you to discover the world by private plane by stopping at some of the world’s most iconic landmarks, including Stonehenge, the Pyramids of Egypt, Angkor Wat and more. Our second program brings you on private jet, boat and train that focuses on the history of World War II, from discovering Churchill’s Cabinet War Rooms to learning about the Pacific Theater in Hiroshima and beyond.
  • Around the world cruise: Hop aboard the Queen Mary 2, which allows you to see 20 countries in 113 days. This epic voyage brings you through Western Europe, South Africa, Australia, Southeast Asia and the Arabian Peninsula. Our second ocean voyage allows you to discover South America, Hawaii, Japan and beyond on a 131-day voyage on the MS Zuiderdam. Our life-changing around-the-world cruises are perfect for any traveler, whether you’re traveling solo, with a family or with a group of friends.


How to Plan to Travel Around the World in 2023?

Traveling around the world can be an exciting yet daunting adventure. In order to see some of the top global destinations, whether it’s the most famous bridges in the world or the various national parks, it will require some extensive planning. To travel around the world, consider these tips:

  • Pack for various climates, including heat, cold, wind and rain.
  • Sort all documentation, including passports, visas and other documents.
  • Create a reasonable budget that you can follow to afford expenses like food and souvenirs.
  • Consider travel insurance to have peace of mind knowing you’re protected during unexpected events.
  • Make a plan of activities you want to do at each destination.

At Road Scholar, we can take most of the stress away when planning a tour around the world. Each of our around-the-world tours has a detailed round-the-world itinerary, transportation and lodging sorted out. We offer some of the best travel tours for seniors, so you can explore the world without stress.


Explore Around the World With Road Scholar

Ready to see what our beautiful world has to offer? Through Road Scholar, you can explore around the world by private jet or take an around-the-world cruise to see some of the top landmarks, historic sites and landscapes. Contact Road Scholar and book your tour around the world today.