Chincoteague Bay Field Station

The Chincoteague Bay Field Station has been the gateway to discovery for Road Scholar adventurers on Virginia’s Eastern Shore for years. The stars of discovery are myriad: the famous Chincoteague ponies; the 30 acres of salt marsh; the dozens of species of birds that pass through this flyway; the horseshoe crabs whose secrets are gleaned by young learners on Grandparent adventures. This is an exceptional marine environment that comes alive to Road Scholars through hands-on education and the knowledge of an exceptional array of experts.

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Chincoteague Bay Field Station
Chincoteague Bay Field Station

The Chincoteague Bay Field Station is a residential environmental learning center and field station. Participants are accommodated in modern, suite-style rooms with four double-occupancy bedrooms with central heat and air-conditioning. Bathrooms are not connected to bedrooms but are shared by only two rooms. The two-story residence halls have no elevator and are across campus from meeting spaces and the cafeteria. Meals are served in a common dining room where residents other than Road Scholars may dine.

Chincoteague Bay Field Station

A large campus lounge allows for camaraderie with fellow Road Scholars, with comfortable chairs and sofas, and tables to play games and a TV.

Chincoteague Bay Field Station
Good to Know
  • Due to the nature of this Retreat, there is no morning exercise.
  • No TVs in rooms.
  • Wi-Fi in main Education Center. 
  • Coin-operated laundry room. 
  • No housekeeping.


This is a Road Scholar Retreats program. Our Retreat programs offer a tranquil respite from daily life in locales that lend themselves to outdoor exploration, reflection, or study. The accommodations may be basic in nature, but the facilities offer communal spaces to gather and to relax. During the week, opportunities usually exist for some combination of light exercise, a locally sourced meal, or evening entertainment.