Road Scholar Women with a Mission

The Inspirational Change-Makers of Road Scholar

As a not-for-profit with a 40-year history, Road Scholar has cultivated an extensive community of group leaders, instructors, staff and more than 5 million participants who identify with our values about the importance of learning. And as we get to know more and more members of the Road Scholar community, we have discovered other common threads that connect us: from a passion for travel, to an interest in cultural understanding and a love of books. One of these commonalities we see in so many from the Road Scholar community is service to local and global communities.

Featured Womens’ Stories

Countless women and men who participate or staff Road Scholar programs have made a difference in the world. We’ve created this space to share stories of Road Scholar women whose examples of passion, courage, leadership and perseverance captivated us. Get ready to be inspired.

Do you know any Road Scholar women with a mission? Have you met an inspiring instructor, group leader or fellow participant? Share their story with us: