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Why is Fall The Best Time To Explore Rewilding Scotland?

Scotland may have snagged the title of "world's most beautiful country" in multiple polls, but there's more to this stunning land than meets the eye. Beneath its awe-inspiring mountain ranges and picturesque bodies of water lies a sobering truth: degraded landscapes and fragile ecosystems. But don't fret because a game-changing movement is on the rise. 

A wave of pioneering rewilding projects is sweeping across Scotland, working tirelessly to heal this majestic country’s environmental wounds. With some of the finest examples of rewilding in all of Europe, Scotland is the perfect destination for anyone looking to explore the wonderful world of ecological restoration. Autumn is the ideal season to experience the captivating beauty and charm of Scotland in all its glory.

10 Reasons Why Fall Is the Best Time to Explore Rewilding Scotland


1. Fall Colors

Autumn in Scotland runs from September through November, with October being the ideal time for witnessing the stunning fall colors change. As November approaches, the days shorten, and the sun sets earlier, creating an inviting atmosphere. Hiking through the Scotland wilderness in autumn is a must-see experience, with bright gold and burnt orange colors and snow-capped peaks making it a breathtaking sight. By the end of October, the leaves are transforming, so mid-October to November is the perfect time to witness the peak of beauty.

2. Mild Weather

Scotland's fall season sees a gentle temperature drop toward winter, but fear not — the climate remains mild with only a few degrees difference between August and October. Expect temperatures ranging between 5°C (41°F) and 12°C (54°F) in September and October, with increased winds and rainfall. Storms are also more likely during this time. However, don't write off warm, sunny days altogether, as they're not unheard of in September and October.

3. Fewer Tourists

Scotland has an even more secluded feel without the crowds during the peaceful autumn months. After the tourist season ends, the Scottish highlands and remote places like the North Coast are left empty for a pleasant stroll. For those who truly want to immerse themselves in the rewilding Scotland experience, visiting in the fall also means beating the stress of busy weeks without breaking the bank. This is the best opportunity to hike alone with loved ones, explore hidden gems, take in stunning views, and enjoy peaceful beaches without seeing another soul. 

4. Diverse Wildlife

Wildlife in Scotland thrives in the fall, offering an idyllic time to spot some fantastic creatures. The scenic autumn landscapes provide the perfect backdrop for observation from red deer to red squirrels and many bird species. You don’t need to venture far to experience nature at its best, as Southern Scotland has an abundance of wildlife to offer.

5. Northern Lights

Observing the mesmerizing Northern Lights is a remarkable experience, contingent upon several factors. The optimal viewing conditions necessitate cold and clear skies, a moon that is not excessively luminous, and no ambient light from urban areas. The likelihood of viewing this natural wonder is heightened on the North Coast and the Orkney Islands. With luck and good weather, adventurers can catch the magnificent sight from Cairngorms, Angus, or Aberdeenshire. Gather loved ones and camp under the stars for a front-row view of this incredible natural light show.


6. Spectacular Landscapes

Scotland's natural beauty is always breathtaking, from the Highlands to the Trossachs, with a lush green landscape that never disappoints. Summer brings vibrant colors with trees, flowers, and weather, while Douglas fir trees light the winter hills. But it's during autumn that Scotland truly shines, with snowdrops and cherry blossoms blooming in spring and stunning fiery tones of orange, yellow, and red in autumn.

7. Photo Opportunities

Scotland in the fall is truly a photographer's dream. With late sunrises and early sunsets, visitors can snap perfect shots in soft, warm light without waking up at dawn. The autumnal colors and weather create a unique atmosphere for capturing Instagram-worthy moments.

8. Budget Friendly

Travel during the off-season equates to cheaper hotel rates and car rentals. Unlike the summer months, where demand is high, and space is limited, there’s no need to worry about booking accommodations in advance. Not to mention, plenty of museums and galleries offer free entry, while others have generous family discounts. This means more spontaneous adventures and unexpected discoveries.

9. Inviting Atmosphere

Across the country, there are countless cozy taverns, making it a top spot to hunker down and relax as winter approaches. For those travelers seeking a truly authentic experience, Scotland has plenty of traditional watering holes where patrons can enjoy a glass of the finest local firewater — Islay's single malt Scotch. So, grab a drink, curl up by the fire, and savor autumn flavors in style.

10. Tasty Food and Drink

From the comforting warmth of Scotch broth, roast meats, and pies to the classic haggis, neeps, and tatties and the cozy delight of cullen skink, root vegetable stew, and curry, there’s nothing like the hearty flavors of Scottish cuisine. Let's not forget the Scots' obsession with chips. For a perfect autumn night, savor a piping hot pie with veggies and roasted potatoes, and top it off with a generous helping of sticky toffee pudding. When the chill sets in, warm up with a dram of whisky, whether out with friends or curled up by the fire.

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