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Discover the Vessels Behind our Floating Campus Voyages

Our Floating Campus voyages take place on some of the world’s most storied waterways, sailing to ports in Iceland, Scotland, Greece and beyond. Part of what makes our Floating Campuses so special is the vessels that they take place on — these ships have specifically been chosen to host a minimum of 100 Road Scholars (allowing for a true college campus feel) while also allowing space for lectures, discussion and free time with your fellow Road Scholars. These ships are ideal for exploring each region, but keep reading to find out more about what makes them perfect for our educational voyages!

The MV La Belle des Océans

The MV La Belle des Océans, an elegant and perfectly-sized Premium ship, has 7 decks. It can accommodate 100 passengers in 65 spacious cabins and suites, all with exterior views. This ship makes the Mediterranean Sea its home, and its small yet sleek size means that it can always find the perfect port to sail into to continue your journey of learning about this region’s rich history and culture.

The MV La Belle des Océans serves as the home base for four of our Floating Campuses, including three new voyages set to embark in 2025. Explore the coasts of Italy and France as you learn about art history, voyage through the archaeology and modern culture of both Greece and Italy or set sail through the history of the Greek islands. This ship also pulls up its anchor for Corsica in 2024, where Road Scholars will explore the cultural gems of this French island.

The Ocean Albatros

The Ocean Albatros has 95 comfortable staterooms and suites, all with unobstructed sea views, most with their own balcony. The vessel has more than a 50% lower carbon footprint than traditional expedition vessels and is one of the most environmentally friendly, implementing the Green Initiative Program, ensuring both absolute comfort and sustainability for participants. Perfectly situated to get up-close to the action, this is the ship for you if you’d like to explore natural wonders and wildlife in remote locations.

The Ocean Albatros brings two of our Floating Campuses to life: a circumnavigation of Iceland that will lead you to the countries natural sites, and a Scottish adventure from Edinburgh to the Orkney Islands and Outer Hebrides. 

The American Countess

American Queen Voyages' American Countess is an elegant paddlewheeler that will feel like a home away from home on the Mississippi River. Built in 2019, this four-deck ship can accommodate 245 guests in 123 spacious staterooms. Each stateroom features a sleek, modern design with a desk and en suite bathroom. Enjoy regionally inspired cuisine, Broadway-caliber entertainment, a fitness center, a sun deck and American Queen Voyages' renowned Riverlorians. For Road Scholars in search of a more relaxing voyage while still learning a lot, this paddlewheeler is ready to whisk you away!

The American Countess brings history to life on our Floating Campus on the Mississippi River, where you’ll get a closer look at the musical heritage of the South.


From elegant small ship to expedition ship to historic paddlewheeler, there’s a vessel for everyone on our Floating Campuses! Head to our website to learn more about these ships and their itineraries.