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Caregiver Grant Offers Rejuvenation for Rosalba P. & Her Mother

When Road Scholar Rosalba P. received a Caregiver Grant, it didn’t just further her love of lifelong learning — it also provided respite from the responsibilities of care for her mother. Rosalba’s mother passed on her love of learning and travel to her daughter, and Rosalba was excited to share her experiences with her mother upon her return. Below, Rosalba shares her adventure in her own words: 


“Dear Road Scholar friends, 

It was an honor to receive such a wonderful award of the Caregiver Grant. This gift brightened up my day and my family's when I received the news. I care for my 97-year-old mother who was a college professor and I followed her footsteps as well. I planned for the Toronto program, since Niagara Falls was one of the places we visited; this being on my bucket list and as it turned out, it was the highlight of my learning adventure. 

Caring for my mother includes the regular doctor's appointments, laundry, grocery and more, but my mother always encouraged me to travel — thus, I continue to take her on as many outings as possible. Since both my mother and I have a love for travel and education, I dedicated this Toronto program to her. The time away from my regular routines of caregiving gave me time to relax and especially time to reflect on the gift of caring for my wise mother. We both thank you for your generosity. This award trip encouraged me to also donate towards the grant for future recipients. It feels good to receive, but also to give! Thank you for making this world a better place for all. 

Best Regards, 

Rosalba P.” 


The pandemic was an especially difficult time for the more than 43 million Americans who serve as caregivers for loved ones. An emotionally and physically exhausting role became even more demanding — and isolating — as caregivers struggled to keep themselves and their loved ones safe with little access to normal services. Now imagine that you could help one of them, like Rosalba, by providing a time of rest and rejuvenation, allowing them to learn something new and make a new friend along the way. 

When you support Road Scholar Caregiver Grants, you do just that.  Your donation allows us to send a deserving caregiver on a Road Scholar learning adventure in the U.S. or Canada to immerse themselves in an inspiring topic. During that time, they have the opportunity to rest and be recharged. 

Road Scholar Caregiver Grants make a difference in the lives of caregivers. To learn how you can donate to or endow a Named Caregiver Grant Fund, call us at (877) 737-0664 or learn more on our website. You can also learn more about all of our scholarships and financial aid opportunities on our website.