Age Adventurously in 2018
The Year of the Grandparent
Thank you for the best summer ever!


Is a love of learning hereditary?

Is a curiosity to discover new places contagious? The best way to pass on these passions to your grandchild is to learn together. Encourage them to follow in your footsteps and #AgeAdventurously, too!

Road Scholar has been offering grandparent adventures for more than 30 years. So, not to brag, but we’re the experts! Whether you’ve got your sights set on an educational adventure overseas or you’re looking to learn about something closer to home, we can guarantee that a Road Scholar learning adventure with your grandchild will create memories to last a lifetime.


Create memories that will last a lifetime

A Grandparent Adventure gives you and your grandchild the chance to spend quality time together and deepen your relationship in a unique, educational and exciting way. You’ll discover new places, experience new cultures and, most importantly, learn new things about each other! Plus, you’ll be the coolest grandma or grandpa on the block. They’re only kids for so long. Now’s the time to create lasting bonds that will live on through their grown-up lives. #AgeAdventurously 2018: The Year of the Grandparent.



Operation: Best Summer Ever

Every year, hundreds of grandkids take off on awesome adventures with their grandparents on Road Scholar trips around the world, meeting lots of cool people and learning about tons of amazing stuff. This summer, to celebrate “The Year of the Grandparent,” we’ve given our Road Scholar grandkids something special to make this the BEST. SUMMER. EVER.

Every Road Scholar grandkid traveling in summer 2018 will receive a special kit, including Road Scholar sunglasses, tattoos and a drawstring backpack to show that their the coolest grandkids in the world. We’ve also included postcards to send home and to send back to Road Scholar HQ to tell us what they’ve learned on their adventures with their grandparents.

“Story in Six” Contest:
Celebrating the Year of the Grandparent

We asked our Facebook fans to share stories about their grandchildren in six words, and we received hundreds of responses. Thanks to all those who participated! Check out our top three winners below, and keep your eye on our Facebook page for more grandparent photos, activities, stories and more throughout the year.


Year of the Grandparent Contest Winner

To help us kick of “The Year of the Grandparent,” we asked our participants, followers and fans to tell us why they wanted to learn together on a Road Scholar Grandparent Adventure. We were overwhelmed with the amazing videos you all submitted! Road Scholar staff cast their votes to help us choose the winner. We laughed, we cried and we even learned a few things, too!

Thank you so much to everyone who participated in the contest, and congratulations to our Grand-Prize Winners: Maggie and Grandma Karen from Minnesota. Check out their winning video below, and keep your eyes out for more ways to celebrate The Year of the Grandparent with us on Facebook throughout the year!



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