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Road Scholar’s Senior Solo Travel Report Uncovers Trend: Married Women Traveling Solo

NOVEMBER 15, 2023 — Road Scholar has released a report on trends in solo travel. Perhaps the most fascinating finding from the study is that at least 60% of Road Scholar’s solo travelers in 2022 were married but traveling without their spouse. Learn More.

International Travel Demand Rebounding Quickly for Grandparents Traveling with Grandkids

JULY 26, 2023 — On June 4, Road Scholar, the world leader in educational travel for older adults, kicked off their 38th Grandparent Adventure season. And this year, Road Scholar’s grandparents and grandkids have had their sights set on learning farther from home. Learn More.

Road Scholar Announces Floating Campus Programs for 2024: Their Newest Shipboard Learning Adventures

APRIL 18, 2023 — Not-for-profit Road Scholar, the world leader in educational travel for older adults, announces a new collection of fully chartered shipboard learning adventures around the world: Road Scholar’s “Floating Campus.” Learn More.

Road Scholar Responds to Revenge Travel Trend by Releasing Three Epic Round-the-World Trips for Seniors

JANUARY 3, 2023 — Not-for-profit Road Scholar, the world leader in educational travel for older adults, announces the release of three new, epic round-the-world travel itineraries. Learn More.

Educational Travel Nonprofit to Announce 2023 D-Day History Trip to France Exclusive to Veterans

NOVEMBER 3, 2022 — This Veterans Day, Road Scholar will release an exclusive experience just for military veterans and their travel companions in 2023. Learn More.

Road Scholar Looks Toward a New Horizon: Unveiling Exclusive Voyages Aboard World’s Largest Sailing Ship

JUNE 1, 2022 — Today Road Scholar, the not-for-profit world leader in educational travel for older adults, unveils eight new programs aboard Tradewind Voyages’ SV Golden Horizon, the largest squarerigged sailing vessel in the world. Learn More.

Road Scholar Announces Partnership With

APRIL 22, 2022 — In celebration of Earth Day, not-for-profit Road Scholar, the world leader in educational travel for older adults, announces a partnership with Foundation, a not-for-profit leader in the fight against climate change, helping organizations and individuals reduce their impact on the environment. Learn More.

Senior Solo Travel Sees a Boost in 2021

DECEMBER 8, 2021 — When COVID-19 vaccines became available in early 2021, older adults over 50 wasted no time getting vaccinated and back on the road again to travel and experience the world after isolating for months in quarantine. First among that group of older adult travelers were single women – those intrepid solo travelers who yearned to be back out in the world enjoying life. Learn More.

Are Older Americans Traveling Again? Road Scholar Shares Recent Trends

OCTOBER 18, 2021—Almost 13,000 Americans over the age of 50 have attended Road Scholar's educational programs across the U.S. and around the world since July. Find out what trends the organization is seeing among its participants. Learn More.

Together Again: Grandparents and Grandchildren Reunite on Road Scholar Learning Adventures Beginning This Summer

JUNE 2, 2021—Beginning this July, after more than a year of COVID-induced isolation from their grandkids, grandparents across the country are making up for lost family time by reconnecting with their grandchildren on a Road Scholar learning adventure. Learn More.

Road Scholar is on the Road Again Beginning July 2021

MAY 12, 2021 -After more than a year of coronavirus-induced hibernation, Road Scholar participants will be able to resume their journeys of discovery with the educational travel non-profit once again beginning this July. Learn more

Road Scholar Creates a Virtual World of Learning

SEPTEMBER 23, 2020 - With the pandemic forcing older adults inside to stay safe, Road Scholar is able to continue its mission by offering a new collection of virtual learning adventures. Learn more



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