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Odyssey at Sea: Easter Celebration on The Greek Isles

Program No. 23518RJ
Step aboard our floating campus to learn about ancient wonders and fascinating mythology in Greece, along with a special celebration in honor of Greek Easter.

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At a Glance

Storied battlegrounds and legendary mythology. Lively celebrations and colorful local character. Experience a memorable journey to the Greek Isles aboard Road Scholar’s favorite ship, the Aegean Odyssey, as you set out to discover the remarkable past and sacred tales that shaped today’s modern Greece. What’s more, you’ll visit the island of Crete for one of the most special days in Greek culture — Greek Easter — for an unforgettable local celebration. Unlike most cruise ships that are briefly in port, you’ll have overnight stays in many locations, giving you plenty of opportunity for deeper exploration. In-depth learning, our best experts, authentic experiences and cultural celebrations — we’ve created the perfect voyage!

Best of all, you’ll…

  • Spend Greek Easter in Athens where you’ll learn about local customs that date back generations, followed by a traditional barbecue on board!
  • Add a second country with a day in Marmaris, a city along the Turkish Riviera.
  • Climb the Acropolis, one of the world’s most awe-inspiring ancient sites and the symbol of Athens, with an expert.

General Notes

We’ll have up to 350 Road Scholar participants on the ship, divided into groups of 35 for shore excursions.
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You can find many of the books we recommend at the Road Scholar store on bookshop.org, a website that supports local bookstores.
Greece, A Traveler's Literary Companion
by Artemis Leontis (Editor)
In this terrific anthology, 24 modern Greek writers offer a flavor of their nation, its culture and people, beautiful landscapes and rich history.
Turkey: A Modern History
by Erik J. Zürcher
A revised edition looks at Turkeys modern day changes and continuations into a capitalist and modern world. Focuses on the 1950s and forward, Zürcher focuses on politics, military, human rights issues, Turkeys relationships with Europe and the West and their ambivalent relationship with the Middle East.
Greece Map
by Michelin
A colorful shaded map of Greece, the Greek Islands and the western coast of Turkey (including Istanbul) at a scale of 1:800,000.
Turkey: A Short History
by Norman Stone
A concise survey of Turkey's relations with neighboring countries and the wider world from 11th century to today.
A Traveller's History of Greece
by Timothy Boatswain, Colin Nicolson
A nicely written survey from prehistory through the 1990s: wide-ranging, accessible and necessarily condensed.
It's All Greek to Me
by Charlotte Higgins
With timelines, a who's who, charts and maps, this handy little primer is a thoroughly entertaining introduction to everything Greek, from poetry and drama to philosophy, history and culture.

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