Sedona's Healing Arts For Women: Yoga, Qi Gong, Ayurveda and More
Join other women in the inspiring setting of Sedona to learn about and practice a range of healing techniques, focusing on mind, body, spiritual well-being and longevity.
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6 days
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Getting There
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Arrival & Registration/Orientation & Introductions
Sedona, AZ
Hilton Sedona Resort

Afternoon: Program Registration: 4:30 - 5:15 PM. After you have your room assignment, come over to the Road Scholar conference room to register with the program staff and get your welcome packet containing your name-tag, up-to-date schedule that reflects any last-minute changes, other important information, and to learn when and where the Orientation session will take place. If you arrive late, please ask for your packet when you check in. Orientation: 5:30 p.m. In our private meeting room, the Group Leader will greet everyone and lead introductions. We will review the up-to-date program schedule and any changes, discuss roles and responsibilities, logistics, safety guidelines, emergency procedures, and answer questions. Free time is reserved for your personal independent exploration. Periods in the schedule labeled “Free Time and “At Leisure” offer opportunities to make the program more meaningful and memorable while going out to explore on your own, engaging in available activities indepently, or simply relaxing and making new friends among fellow participants. The Group Leader will always be happy to offer suggestions. Program activities, schedules, personnel, and indicated distances or times may change due to local circumstances/conditions. In the event of changes, we will alert you as quickly as possible. Thank you for your understanding.

Dinner: In our resort conference room, enjoy a buffet meal with two entree's, salad, sides and the chef's dessert of the day plus coffee, tea, water; other beverages available for purchase.

Evening: At leisure. Continue getting to know your fellow participants, settle in, and get a good night’s rest for the day ahead.

Art Therapy; Yoga; Meditation
Sedona, AZ
Hilton Sedona Resort

Activity note: Today we have 4 classes, two of which are active for their cumulative 3.5 hour duration of Nomadics and Yoga.

Breakfast: In the resort restaurant, the breakfast buffet offers choices such as eggs and omelettes made to order, breakfast meats, potatoes, steel cut oatmeal, fresh fruit, juices, milk, coffee, tea, water.

Morning: We begin our morning with a class on "nomadics". Blending yoga and stretching, our Nomadics class will put you in touch with your body and help sharpen your focus for the weeks activities. Following our Nomadics class, we will have a class entitled "In the moment" which will bring the class together to share their individual stories and help coalesce the group for the week ahead.

Lunch: Lunch at the resort, serving contemporary, health-focused cuisine. Lunch choices include selections such as: Grilled Pizza with Roasted Tomatoes, Basil and Mozzarella; Roasted Vegetables, Hummus, Olive - Feta Spread and Tabouleh Salad; and Soup de Jour & Chopped Salad with house vinegarette, for example

Afternoon: Following lunch, we will have a presentation entitled "Art Therapy" . Here is a little information on your presenter Veronica Vida: Veronica brings 30 years of experience in women’s spirituality, facilitating sacred rituals and ceremony. Veronica has worked with women, children, and families in a variety of settings, as a midwife, teacher, and therapist. Our second class of the afternoon is a soft yoga and meditation class. Explore how meditation is used to bring peace, clarity, and focus to our lives through some practical exercises.

Dinner: Hotel buffet meal.

Evening: Enjoy another alternative health related presentation.

Qi Gong; Homeopathy; Sedona exploration
Sedona, AZ
Hilton Sedona Resort

Activity note: Morning classes active while afternoon to be a short hike in a beautiful Sedona location. Trail to be mostly flat, hike is 1 - 2 miles but can be made shorter if you like as it it an "out and back" hike.

Breakfast: Buffet at the resort restaurant.

Morning: Our first morning class will be an introduction to Qi Gong. Qi Gong is is a type of spiritual practice intended to "align" body, breath, and mind for health and meditation. With roots in Chinese medicine, philosophy, and martial arts, Qi Gong is traditionally viewed as a practice to cultivate and balance qi (chi) or what has been translated as "life energy". Qi Gong practice typically involves moving meditation, coordinating slow flowing movement, deep rhythmic breathing, and calm meditative state of mind. Our second morning class will be a discussion on the practice of Homeopathy. Homeopathy is a form of alternative medicine, first proposed by German physician Samuel Hahnemann in 1796, that treats patients with heavily diluted preparations which are claimed to cause effects similar to the symptoms presented. Gaining widespread use worldwide in the last few decades, Homeopathy is a valuable tool in your health treatment options.

Lunch: Today we will have a box lunch to enjoy outdoors during our field trip.

Afternoon: Enjoy a short hike into Sedona's beautiful surroundings. We will address the myth and reality of the famed Sedona's vortex energy spots that are found throughout Sedona's red rock region. Hiking of approximately 2 miles with stops to discuss the flora surroundings and to soak up the scenery.

Dinner: Plated meal with a variety of entree options at a restaurant near to the hotel. Coffee, tea, water; other beverages available for purchase.

Evening: Tonight we will have a class entitled "Restorative Yoga", taught by your group leader Cherlita Brenman.

Acupuncture; Yoga; Ayurveda
Sedona, AZ
Hilton Sedona Resort

Activity note: Today we have 1 active class of Yoga

Breakfast: Buffet at the resort restaurant.

Morning: Following breakfast is a discussion on Ayurveda - a system of traditional medicine native to the Indian Subcontinent and practiced in other parts of the world as a form of alternative medicine. Evolving throughout its history, Ayurveda remains an influential system of medicine in South Asia. Ayurveda is considered to be a form of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) within the western world, where several of its methods, such as the use of herbs, massage, and Yoga as exercise or alternative medicine, are applied on their own as a form of CAM treatment. Our second morning activity will be another yoga class. Your instructor, Elena Bullard, is a full time Certified Instructor, and leads a Yoga teacher training and certification course at the Arizona School of Integrative Studies.

Lunch: In the resort restaurant, we’ll have a plated lunch featuring contemporary, health-focused cuisine with a rotating variety of choices such as soup, salad, grilled pizza, roasted vegetables, and spreads with coffee, tea, water; other beverages available for purchase.

Afternoon: Following lunch is a presentation on the healing benefits and belief structure of acupuncture. Acupuncture is a form of alternative medicine that is most commonly used for pain relief, though it is also used to treat a wide range of conditions the majority of people who seek out acupuncture do so for musculoskeletal problems, including lower back pain, shoulder stiffness, and knee pain. Acupuncture is rarely used alone but rather as an adjunct to other treatment modalities. Our second class of the afternoon will explore the healing benefits of the use of herbs.

Dinner: Tonight's dinner is left open for people to explore on their own one of the many restaurants in the immediate area. For those without cars the hotel will provide a free shuttle to a number of restaurants..

Evening: Free time is scheduled following our unscheduled dinner.

Qi Gong/Jin Shin Jyutsu/free afternoon/Music
Sedona, AZ
Hilton Sedona Resort

Activity note: Active classes all morning. Free afternoon provides opportunity to explore the many trails and art shops of Sedona.

Breakfast: Buffet at the resort restaurant.

Morning: After breakfast, we will enjoy our second Qi Gong session, building upon the foundations we learned earlier in the week. The second half of the morning will be a class on Jin Shin Jyutsu taught by your program leader Cherlita Brenman,

Lunch: Plated on the premises of the resort.

Afternoon: Free Time. Take this opportunity for personal independent exploration to see and do what interests you most. Please refer to the list of Free Time Opportunities. The Group Leader will be happy to offer suggestions. You might like to explore some of Sedona's many red rock hiking trails or fascinating art galleries. There are also opportunities to explore back country and archaeological sites by Jeep. The resort’s amenities are available for all guests (extra fees may apply). In addition to a large exercise facility, tennis courts, lap pool, etc., there are daily classes of different kinds as well as a massage or reiki therapy session (sign up at Orientation). The spa offers discounts to Road Scholar participants.

Dinner: For our farewell dinner, we will go across the street to the Sedona Golf Resort to enjoy their weekly community buffet that features a large selection of tasty items including salad, several different entrées, side dishes, and assorted desserts, sodas, coffee, water included; other beverages available for purchase.

Evening: We’ll enjoy a musical performance. Then prepare for check-out and departure following our closing session in the morning.

Nomadics, Holistic Health, Program Conclusion

Breakfast: Buffet at the resort restaurant.

Morning: We’ll conclude our program on the healing arts with a final Nomadics class and reflection on what we’ve learned together. This concludes our program. We hope you enjoy Road Scholar learning adventures and look forward to having you on rewarding programs in the future. Please join our Facebook page and share photos of your program. Visit us at www.facebook.com/rsadventures. Best wishes for all your journeys!

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