At the crossroads of civilization, Israel’s ancient temples and fortresses stand alongside lively squares and modern ingenuity. Explore the corners of this small country as you float in the Dead Sea, discover the terraced Baha’i Gardens, explore the Old City of Jerusalem and walk among Tel Aviv’s architecturally renowned White City. Ripe with history – ancient and modern, religious and secular – Israel bids you a warm, “bruchim habaim!” (welcome).

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Israel Educational Tours and Adventures

Israel sightseeing offers exquisite and diverse landscapes consisting of beaches, deserts, and lush vegetation. Stop by an open-air market throughout Israel, float on the Dead Sea, and enjoy the pristine beaches and white architecture of Tel Aviv. Be amazed by the lush hills and valleys in the Galilee region where a billion migratory birds have a short stay in the winter. 

Discover the terraced Baha’i Gardens, and learn about a culture and country that is ripe with history – ancient and modern, religious and secular – Israel bids you a warm, “bruchim habaim!” (welcome).

Ocean Voyage

Sail Through Israel, Greece, Ephesus, and Egypt 

Sail on a voyage back in time and learn about the ancient cities that shaped culture and religion today. The 17-day educational tour of Israel adventure will set sail off of Greece and travel through Israel, Turkey, and Egypt for a multi-country tour. Explore Israel and its sacred structures. Climb the awe-inspiring Acropolis. Stand in wonder before the enigmatic pyramids at Giza and the Great Sphinx. Discover the ancient ruins of Ephesus.

Small Tours

If you love to learn and explore the world in a smaller-sized group tour to Israel, the small tours are a great choice. The small tour adventures through Israel offer more personal experiences with a group size ranging from 13 to 24 participants.  

The Land of Israel Tour

Israel is known as the birthplace of world religions; a center of culture and history that never disappoints visitors. The Land of Israel Tour: Past, Present, Future: A Journey of Discovery is a 15-day adventure in Israel to learn the story of Israel, a land as ancient as the City of David, where Road Scholar travelers will explore caves and float in the Dead Sea. 

Explore Israel and the Sea of Galilee, the lowest freshwater lake in the world where Gospels say Jesus walked on water and performed miracles. A Study Leader will take travelers on an education tour of Israel and explore the Qumran, the archaeological site where the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered. Join thousands of Israelis at the Western Wall to welcome the Jewish Sabbath. Stay on a Kibbutz and talk with residents about their life in a collective community.

From Ancient to Cutting Edge: Explore Israel

Explore Israel in an 11-day tour, from the wonders of the ancient city of Jerusalem to the bustling city of modern-day Tel Aviv. This Road Scholar Israel tour will take travelers to the walls of Jerusalem’s Old City and ancient villages along the shores of Galilee. Learn how the Jews turned desert land into a place lush with fruits and vegetables by visiting a Kibbutz. 

Experience Educational Travel with Road Scholar

At Road Scholar, we offer a range of educational adventures through Israel. Join Road Scholar’s expert instructors on an Israel tour with a cohort of like-minded adventurers. Please check the details of each trip to determine the level of activity and whether it is suitable for traveling seniors


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