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Adventures for History Buffs



Are you history buff? Leave the textbooks behind and hit the road to learn about some of America’s most notable people, places and events.

History Adventures

Have you ever wanted to experience history up close and personal? With Road Scholar, you can! Take our guided history tours to some of the most famous historical landmarks in the world, led by expert instructors.


Highlights of History Tours

Whether it’s Pearl Harbor, Gettysburg, or Normandy Beach, history comes to life when you experience these historic locations first-hand and learn about them from Road Scholar experts. Find out more about the military and our country’s fight for freedom. Bring black history to life right before your eyes. Get to know our past presidents.

Let’s take a closer look at Road Scholar's history tours:


Military Tours

Road Scholar brings history to life with our Civil War Battlefield Tours. Our history excursions let you examine U.S. foreign diplomacy and learn how we work with other countries for the betterment of the world. You can even explore history from the comfort of your own home: Enjoy one of our online lectures to learn about World War I and the Battle of Jutland.


Black History

Black history is a vital part of American history: Road Scholar's guided history tours take you on an exploration of the Civil Rights movement, where you'll visit Atlanta, Montgomery, Selma, and Birmingham.


Presidential History

History travel in the United States isn't complete without looking at the history of our presidents. Take a deep dive into the life of Abraham Lincoln. Visit the original Virginia colonies of Jamestown, Williamstown, and Yorktown, and see the presidential faces on Mount Rushmore.


D-Day in France

Commemorate the history of D-Day alongside expert instructors, exploring the beaches of Normandy where it all happened. Gain a deeper understanding of these events with our history tours that explore the significant events of World War II from a first-hand perspective.


See the World With History Tours From Road Scholar

Explore America’s rich past on an immersive journey you'll never get from a history book. Take an educational adventure with Road Scholar today! Contact us for more information or to request a catalog.