Brighter Future Ahead: Top 10 Places to Visit (and Learn About) in 2022

Top 10 Places to Visit (and Learn About) in 2022

You’ve been patient. You’ve hunkered down at home. You’ve found new spots locally to explore. You’ve spent more time outdoors. Maybe you even tried one of our Adventures Online during quarantine. But now, it feels like there’s a light at the end of this pandemic tunnel, and the future is brighter than ever before. We don’t know about you, but we’re planning to get back on the road as soon as it’s safe to do so. Check out the top destinations around the country and around the world that Road Scholars are excited to visit as soon as the doors to the world open again. Plan today for a learning adventure in 2022. You deserve it.


10. California

From the Redwoods to Los Angeles, California may offer the most diverse opportunities for lifelong learning in the United States. If you’d like to stay stateside as you get back to exploring, consider picking a destination in the Golden State next year.


9. The Mediterranean … by Small Ship!

With a reduced capacity of just 300 passengers, Road Scholar’s small ship, the Aegean Odyssey, has become a popular option for those ready to dip their toes back into an adventure at sea next year. Join us aboard this nimble vessel as we set sail for the gorgeous shores of GreeceTurkeyCroatiaItaly and more! And be reassured with new safety measures designed to keep you healthy on board.


8. Costa Rica

Costa Rica has always been a top destination for Boomers and beyond, and next year is no exception. If a Costa Rica educational adventure has been on your life list, now’s the time to head south to learn about volcanoes, rainforests, birds and so much more. If we’ve learned anything this year — it’s not to put off your dreams. And Costa Rica’s just a quick flight (and yet a whole world) away.


7. Canada

Our neighbor to the north offers an opportunity for easy access to a diversity of lands and cultures without having to cross the ocean. And with a wealth of outdoor destinations with fascinating ecology, natural history and wildlife to discover, Canada has been a favorite for those planning their learning adventures for next year.


6. America's Signature Cities

The “City That Never Sleeps” has been staying up long, lonely nights waiting for you to come explore it. The “Big Easy” has been taking it easy, just waiting for lifelong learners to come and learn about Cajun cooking and jazz music. Choose one of America’s Signature Cities to visit next year, and learn about that city’s unique art, architecture, food, culture, history and so much more.


5. Iceland

If you’d like to leave the country but not go too far, Iceland is a great “re-entry level” option. Their COVID cases remained low throughout the pandemic, and flight time is just over five hours from New York to Reykjavik. Iceland is great for a trip with grandkids and offers lots of outdoor activities at a variety of activity levels, as well small-group adventures — all reasons why it will be a popular learning destination next year.


4. America's National Parks

Perhaps the extra time spent outdoors this year made you appreciate Mother Nature’s gifts a little bit more. Are there National Parks on your life list that you’re raring to explore? From the bubbling geysers of Yellowstone to the depths of the Grand Canyon and the unique ecology of Florida’s Everglades, there is so much to learn about on a National Park adventure next year.


3. France

During quarantine, our Adventures Online: The Art & History of Paris and A Journey Through the Many Faces of Provence proved to be two of our most popular virtual programs! Looks like everyone wanted a little bit of that “je ne sais quoi” to get them through the pandemic. And now that those participants have studied up from home, they can’t wait to visit France to see it all in person. Follow their lead on a France learning adventure in 2022.


2. Alaska

Looking to venture out a little farther but stay in the old U.S. of A? Try an epic learning adventure north to Alaska. This remote destination offers a real get away and plenty of access to incredible, untouched nature. If you’ve gotten that outdoor bug while you’ve been stuck inside, Alaska is a great option for some fresh air.


1. New Zealand

New Zealand was able to avoid the major outbreaks of COVID-19 that most of the rest of the world has gone through. As soon as the country feels safe enough to open the doors to visitors, they’ll be more than ready for us to arrive! Learn about Maori culture, explore the fjords or go hiking in this island country’s beautiful national parks on a New Zealand adventure next year.


Start planning your 2021 or 2022 learning adventure now and prepare for an epic return to the road. See all of our upcoming in-person learning adventures across the U.S. and around the world.