Road Scholar Reveals Its Top 10 Learning Destinations for 2024: #8

Welcome to our list of favorite learning destinations for 2024, which are home to historic sites, natural marvels and cultural centers. Tune in for the rest of December as we count down these top ten locations until we get to #1: our Campus of the Year for 2024!

Rock formations in the light of the setting sun

#10. Sedona

Nestled in the center of Arizona near Flagstaff lies Sedona, the perfect place to learn about natural and cultural history surrounded by colorful landscapes. Its rich scenery lends itself well to those learning about golf, holistic healing and iconic landmarks like the Grand Canyon. Enthusiasts of wildlife watching, active outdoor adventures and art will love learning in Sedona!

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A medieval town on a hill surrounded by the ocean in France

#9. France

Learning — C’est magnifique! From Provence to Paris to Normandy and beyond, opportunities for learning in France stretch all across the country. France’s medieval history allows learners to immerse themselves in the country’s past through walks among castles and cobblestones, while artists inspired by its landscapes like Monet and Van Gogh left works for museum visitors to experience. Prepare to say “Bonjour” to discovering more in France’s engaging cities and magical countryside.

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A sign reading Jekyll Island surrounded by ocean water and lush plants

#8. Jekyll Island

Years ago, Jekyll Island served as a resort for millionaires and political elite. Today, that exclusivity is gone, but the beautiful beach scenery, fascinating history and engaging learning opportunities remain. Among these opportunities lie learning adventures centered around topics such as bridge, jazz and more at the Victorian-style Jekyll Island Club.

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