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Learn Ancient History By Visiting Oldest Ruins in The World

We all read about ancient history in school, but have you ever had a desire to see the places you learned about in class? Exploring the oldest ruins in the world is a fascinating way to learn about ancient history. A number of these ruins are still available to be seen and studied today. 

The world's oldest ruins provide a glimpse into the past and give insights into the civilizations that once lived there. These ancient places to visit can be seen in person or online with Road Scholar.

So, where can you find these ancient ruins? The oldest ruins in the world are found everywhere ancient civilizations inhabited. Learn about ancient Incan and Polynesian cultures at Machu Picchu. Stay closer to home and learn about the Pueblo Indians of New Mexico and their advanced understanding of stars. You can also take a virtual journey to some of these incredible sites.



Turkey is home to Göbekli Tepe, one of the oldest archeology sites in the world. It is also listed as one of the oldest man-made structures in the world. This site is a temple in Southeastern Turkey and might be the world’s first temple. However, one of the more famous sites in Turkey is the city of Troy.

Immerse yourself in Trojan history when you take a virtual field trip to Turkey. With our Adventures Online: The Legends & History of Turkey tour, you will learn about the history and legends of Troy, Cappadocia and Ephesus.

This three-day adventure provides you with a firsthand experience of the ancient lands of Troy, Ephesus and Cappadocia, all from the comfort of your home. Throughout your educational adventure, explore archeological settlements, visit museums and attend lectures that will expand your horizons and shed light on the ancient civilizations of Turkey. 

On day one, take a virtual field trip to the archaeological settlement of Troy and see the Troy Museum. Attend a lecture about the myths and realities of this ancient civilization. 

Day two takes you to Ephesus, where you will virtually visit this UNESCO-designated World Heritage Site. Enjoy a presentation on the significance of this Greco-Roman city and the cultural traditions of the Roman Imperial, early Christian and Hellenistic periods. Then take another virtual field trip where you will see millennia-old temples and the extraordinary buildings of Ephesus.

As we wrap up on day three, trace the geological evolution of Cappadocia. Learn how ancient civilizations adapted to nature and challenging landscapes. Take a virtual field trip to Cappadocia, a city discovered under a Byzantine-era castle. Developed as a haven for those fleeing religious persecution, this city ranks among the world's oldest ruins. Visit another museum, the Goreme Open Air Museum, which is the most important monastic center of Cappadocia.


Machu Picchu

If traveling to Machu Picchu isn’t for you, travel no further than your computer with a three-day virtual educational journey to Discover Peru, Machu Picchu and the Inca Empire. Join us live on this virtual learning adventure as we explore Peru and Machu Picchu. 

On day one of this virtual adventure, learn the natural history of Peru, explore the capital city of Lima, and meet a real Limeño (a resident of Lima).

On day two, we will take a deep dive into the Incan culture. We will visit the Incan empire of Cuzco and get to admire the highly crafted stone architecture. Our lecture for the day will be about the Incan religion.

Day three takes us to the Sacred Valley of the Incas (Urubamba Valley), where we will virtually visit Morai. We will dig into how the agricultural and terrace system works and have a lecture on the network of communication that connected the Inca Empire. After our lecture, we will visit Machu Picchu to learn the mysteries of this ancient civilization. 


New Mexico

If you’re looking to explore the culture of the indigenous people of the United States, Adventures Online: Chaco Canyon & the Mysteries of the Stars might be what you are looking for. In this three-day virtual learning adventure, learn about the Pueblo American Indians and their settlement in the Chaco Canyon.

Join experts from the Solstice Project for a discussion on the astronomical heritage of Ancient Pueblo American Indians. Visit Chaco architecture from the comfort of your home. Learn about the network of communities that existed where New Mexico, Utah, Colorado and Arizona meet. Discover how the Chacoan people constructed their communities in accordance with the stars and the seasons.

Learn why a complex society was built in a remote canyon with limited resources. On this educational adventure, study how the Chacoan culture used the planets, sun and moon to determine where to build the culture’s ancient ceremonial architecture.



With Adventures Online: Sicily Through the Ages, experience the largest island in the Mediterranean without leaving home. Go on an adventure to learn about some of the oldest ruins in the world when you learn about the Roman conquest of Sicily that began in 264 BCE. Take a virtual trip where you learn about a Roman estate in Piazza Armerina. Get a cooking demonstration where you learn to make panelle.

Dive into the Norman Conquest and learn about the Jewish experience in Sicily. Visit the base of Mount Etna, the country’s active volcano. Dive into the Allied invasion of Sicily during World War II and learn about Operation Husky. Learn how this operation brought about the final victory for the Jewish people.


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