Here’s an Interesting Idea: Group Leaders Leading Their Own Group of Friends or Family

Think about it — who better to lead your friends and family at a destination you know so well? That’s exactly what Group Leader Enrico Nucci recently did — he brought his extended family and friends on Road Scholar’s “Treasures of Sicily” program (#18212) on Oct. 21, 2019.

Nucci Family

Meet the Nucci Family

“I am Barbara Nucci, and I have two sons — Enrico and Domenico — who are longtime Road Scholar Group Leaders. I live in South Portland, Maine, where I have been extolling the wonders of Sicily for many years — so much so that our family and friends finally asked if we could organize an educational adventure for them. With Road Scholar’s help, we did.

“A Road Scholar Group program was the perfect solution, because all of the details — from flights to the entire program — were expertly handled by Road Scholar. Enrico led our group of 20, which included two granddaughters, their mother, and my neighbors and close friends, two of whom I went to high school with in Portland decades ago. Though not everyone knew each beforehand, they quickly became compatible traveling companions; conversations were ongoing, stimulating and rich.

“As our learning adventure got underway, the lectures, excursions and museums brought Sicily’s multi-layered history to vibrant life as we made our way across the island. Program flexibility allowed us to stop at an olive press, where we watched the fresh olives become liquid gold. At a museum of antique musical instruments, each one was explained and played by a musician lute-maker whose finely crafted lutes are sold worldwide. We were delighted when my son, Domenico, met us in Palermo for two days. All in all, all of us — me, friends and family — were delighted with the special experience of a learning adventure led by our own special Group Leaders — my two sons.”

Editor’s Note: Learning together on a Road Scholar Group adventure is an extraordinary way to explore, expand and solidify the bonds of friendship. The Nucci family & friends will be talking about this experience for years to come!

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