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Road Scholar learning adventures are designed to enrich, thrill, and challenge you.

Over the decades, we've studied what makes an unforgettable learning experience, and we’ve come to realize that people have widely individual styles of exploration. That’s why we offer trips with different levels of structure, from detailed itineraries packed with learning experiences to lightly structured schedules with generous free time. What all Road Scholar trips have in common is privileged access to some of the most extraordinary people and places in the world today.


What sets us apart

We changed the paradigm of learning

Inspiring instructors, spirited conversations, new friends, new experiences — being a Road Scholar encompasses the best of the university experience. You’ll learn from expert faculty and meet fellow Road Scholars, who, like you, are students of the world. Our experiential learning adventures aren’t limited by a bricks and mortar classroom. Rather, we transport you to the places that are written about in textbooks … where nature is at her most sublime … where life is lived at a different pace … where history and culture are a woven tapestry of life.  

We take learning someplace new

From Cuba to Antarctica, from Buenos Aires to Bangkok, from the Southern Hemisphere to the Northern Lights, each of our 5,500 adventures takes learning to new dimensions. Whether it's Aboriginal artifacts in the archives of a remote Australian museum or Zambian zebras along the Zambezi River, the expert members of our Road Scholar faculty will bring an exhilarating vibrancy to each destination that you wont find with any other learning experience.

We make it easy and affordable

Our goal is to make your learning adventures as effortless as possible. Once the trip begins, we handle all logistics and costs—including those you might not anticipate. You plan and pay for only those excursions you take independently. As a result, every Road Scholar adventure is hassle-free, giving you the bandwidth to concentrate entirely on the experience itself. And we do it all on remarkably economical terms.

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Where do you want to learn?

We offer adventures in all 50 states and 150 countries. Is there a part of the world youve always wanted to see? Weve done all the legwork for you, just search our roster of programs by region.


What do you love?

Maybe your passion for certain interests, hobbies, or activities is what drives you around the globe. Do you love art museums, language study, film festivals, train treks, riverboats, biking, birding, beer? Explore our learning adventures by interest.


Don't want to climb that mountain?

Every Road Scholar learning adventure is rated for level of activity. If you’re not interested in physical challenges, we offer a broad selection of “easy pace” experiences. If you live for hiking, biking, or kayaking, we offer a wide range of “high activity” adventures, too. Search our trips by activity level.