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National Park Adventures

Canyons, geysers, forests and mountains — Our National Parks have it all! Discover these natural wonders with expert naturalists on programs highlighting nature’s very best throughout the U.S. and Canada.

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National Park Tours for Education & Adventure

Join our expert-led National Park tours, perfect for seniors and families, including grandparents with grandchildren. Explore canyons, geysers, forests, and mountains across the U.S. and Canada with tailored accessibility and engaging activities. Create lasting memories and a profound connection with nature, making every moment a shared experience. Embark on a journey that transcends generations and brings the wonders of the outdoors to life.

Find National Park Tours Across the Country

If you’re looking for the best national park vacation that connects you to nature and the history of each location, look no further than Road Scholar’s national park trips. With dozens of national parks spanning the county, there’s a lot to discover.

Marvel at the deep ravines cutting through Zion National Park in Utah. Explore the meadows and wildlife of Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. Hike along the forest-lined trails of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in North Carolina and Tennessee. These are just some of the national park vacation packages we offer at Road Scholar.

Expert-Led National Park Trips for Knowledge Seekers

To ensure you get a deep understanding of what makes North America’s National Parks so special, each of our national park programs is led by expert naturalists who highlight nature’s very best throughout the United States and Canada.

When you sign up for a Road Scholar national park tour, you’ll be with a cohort of like-minded adventurers looking to learn, discover and explore. Not only will you gain a deeper understanding of the history and landscape of the national park you visit, but you’ll gain lasting memories and form relationships that last.

Road Scholar also strives to provide educational adventures that give you a deeper understanding of yourself and those around you. Through our national park tours, you can learn about Native American culture when traversing along the North and South Rims of the Grand Canyon. Or, you can explore the heritage of the Dakotas from the Ice Age to modern times with a tour of Badlands National Park. You can even get a unique national park vacation exploring the bluffs of Acadia National Park in Maine.


Popular National Park Tours

When it comes to national parks tours for seniors and families, there are numerous options for adventurous travelers. Whether you’re interested in the alpine meadows of Glacier National Park or the geological wonders of Zion, all of America’s national parks have something to offer everyone. Below are some of the best national park tours for that you can consider for your next adventure:

  • Everglades National Park tours: One of the top National Park tours for families and seniors is in the Sunshine State. Everglades National Park has a diverse ecosystem where visitors can discover a wide range of wildlife, like alligators, birds, and turtles. To get through the park, consider an airboat ride that brings you through the wetlands and offers a unique perspective of the diverse plant life and wildlife.
  • Denali National Park tours: For those interested in adventurous National Park trips for seniors, make your way to The Last Frontier. Alaska’s Denali National Park provides stunning views of the Alaska Range and exciting opportunities to spot wildlife like caribou, moose, and grizzly bears. Naturalist guides can walk you through the park’s history, geology, flora, and fauna, while flightseeing tours can give you a bird’s eye view of Mount Denali (formerly Mount McKinley).
  • Glacier National Park tours for seniors: Glacier National Park is another exceptional destination for grandparents and their families looking to explore the great outdoors. Visitors can take boat tours of glacial lakes like Lake McDonald or St. Mary Lake. This national park also boasts a wide range of hiking trails suitable for all activity levels, from short day hikes to more rigorous backpacking adventures.
  • Utah National Park tours for seniors: One of the most geologically diverse states in the country is Utah, which is why it’s home to several national parks. Zion National Park tours for seniors are exciting and awe-inspiring. Here, visitors can climb to the top of Angel’s Landing for panoramic views of the park or trek through The Narrows, with towering cliffs on both sides. You can also consider a trip to Arches National Park or Canyonlands National Park, where you can discover unique rock formations while learning about Indigenous culture and history.
  • Yellowstone National Park tours for seniors: As the first national park, there’s a reason why Yellowstone is one of the top national parks tours for seniors and families. Yellowstone is known for its wildlife, where adventurers can spot grizzly bears, bison, wolves, elk, and other animals. There are also several notable attractions, including Old Faithful, Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, and Mammoth Hot Springs. If you’re looking for a destination for solo women travelers or a vacation for a multigenerational tour, Yellowstone National Park is an excellent option for everyone.

If you’re looking for the best national park tours for seniors, look no further than Road Scholar. Our expert guides will walk you through the history, geography, and wildlife, answering any questions to help you better understand each park’s significance. You will also learn helpful tips for first-time travelers and interact with your cohort of like-minded learners. Find an adventure today to see which national park you will find yourself visiting next.


Immersive National Park Tours With Road Scholar

By exploring national parks, you’ll not only gain a deeper appreciation of the landscapes that surround you but of the cultures and people, too. Our national park tours ensure you get to indulge in world-class cuisine, speak with native inhabitants, and learn more about local history.

Whether that’s in the dry desert of Organ Pipe and Saguaro National Park in Arizona or the glaciers of Kenai Fjords National Park in Alaska, you’re sure to come home with an experience unlike any other. When looking for national parks to visit, we can help you choose a national park tour that piques your interests.

At Road Scholar, you’ll find more than a hundred national parks tours to choose from for your national park vacation. Using the search functions below, you can even refine your search criteria based on your desired destination, activity level, duration, price and date range. Are you ready to embark on a learning adventure of a lifetime? Enroll in one of our national park tours today to explore the unique and diverse landscape America has to offer.