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Celebrate Empowerment & Community on Women-Only Learning Adventures

We’ve created programs and dates exclusively for Road Scholar women — this is a population making up more than 60% of our participants, after all. That means you can explore, make new discoveries and bond with other like-minded women in a unique and supportive learning environment. Below, we’ve collected some of our participants’ favorite programs — join us and celebrate empowerment and community on these educational adventures around the world!

Please note that some of the programs below offer select women-only dates, while others are designed with all dates just for women.

White water rafting in Costa Rica

Embark on adventures around the globe. 

Explore Iceland’s natural wonders — like soaking in the soothing waters of the Blue Lagoon, Iceland’s most famous geothermal gem. Or experience the beauty, world-class cuisine and unparalleled cultural legacy of Venice. Perhaps the French Rivera is calling you — walk with other lifelong learners and discover the region’s unique cultural heritage, sunbaked villages and lavender fields. Even if you decide to explore a part of the globe brand new to you, you can feel comfortable on women-only dates.

Blue Lagoon, Iceland

Lace up your hiking shoes for adventure!

Feeling active and adventurous? Head outside to experience the natural world with others women who love it as much as you do! Immerse yourself in the story of Sedona, learning about and exploring the iconic Red Rocks, or maybe hike the Southern Blue Ridge Mountains with a local expert and learn about the region’s abundant wildflowers and natural history. Whichever adventure you choose, you’ll be exploring the great outdoors alongside other intrepid, independent Road Scholar women.

Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

Bond and forge friendships as you explore Costa Rica!

Costa Rica, our 2024 Campus of the Year, rises over 5,000 feet in elevation to the top of its most active volcano, is home to 27 national parks and 500,000 different species and produces 93% of its electricity from renewable sources. Clearly, this is a destination you can enjoy in so many ways! Explore its natural wonders with other women, whether you choose to raft, hike and kayak your way through this beautiful country, or get an overarching look at its history, culture, cuisine and natural beauty.

Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica

Enjoy women’s-only rejuvenation and wellness programs in New Mexico, Arizona and California.

Open spaces, fresh air, incredible landscapes and rich culture await you on these exclusively women-only programs. Experience the restorative traditions of Santa Fe as you learn about traditional healing techniques. Or, in Sedona, practice a range of healing techniques, focusing on mind, body, spiritual well-being and longevity. This program in California helps you learn Qigong, self-acupressure and discover the art of guided meditation for deep inner peace.

Ghost Ranch, New Mexico

“The love and laughter, sharing and caring of this supportive group of women, plus the beauty of Sedona, will remain in my heart for a long time, making this a memory I will cherish. I learned a lot, laughed a lot and loved a lot about this program, and I am looking forward to continuing friendships with women from this group!”

—Mary Jo from Seattle, Wash., Road Scholar Class of ’23 on
Sedona's Healing Arts For Women: Yoga, Qi Gong, Ayurveda and More   


Intrigued and ready for more? Check our website often for new women-only learning adventures and dates taking place around the world. Want to spend some time learning from home? Take a look at our Women’s History booklist.

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