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Making Your Road Scholar Program an Intentional Experience

How do you see yourself on a Road Scholar Learning Adventure?

Are you coming as a humble student, full of questions and enthusiasm? Are you an observer who rarely speaks but finds ways to show appreciation? Do you intend that the people on the program will know you by the end? That people you meet will understand why you are there? When you embark on a journey, what are your intentions?

Wherever we are, our intention is what matters.

On your Road Scholar program you will meet people who love to learn and engage and allow their world to be expanded. As a Road Scholar you will be invited to interact with local people and to ask questions and to share about yourself. If, like me you tend to be more introverted, then this is a good time to stretch outside your comfort zone. If you love interacting in new situations, this is an opportunity to encourage and support others by your example.

Even if you never state an intention publicly in any way, your intentions can be felt. Making an effort to learn names and a bit of people’s stories will build human connection and may influence how they see the world.

Ways to set intentions

One of the ways you could set an intention is to think about what you will share when you come back. Do you want to share pictures with meaningful descriptions or a blog post or an essay or write down “ah-ha’s” you had on your program and be able to share those with loved ones on your return?

I love to keep a journal with quotes, thoughts, even a few drawings. Then I take the best of it and write my reflections to share on social media and via email with my friends. They look forward to it and I have received so many responses from “thank you for letting me experience this vicariously” to “thank you, I’m enrolling in my program next!”

Savor every moment of your upcoming learning adventure. I hope the benefits are greater than you ever imagined.


Christie Hardwick
Wellness and Leadership Coach

Christie Hardwick is founder and curator of Inspiration Gatherings, an executive coach and an ordained minister. Christie is an American Leadership Forum Senior Fellow and faculty member. For five years, she served on the Women’s Leadership Board at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government.