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Ambassadors Aboard: Global Diplomacy on QM2

Join two retired U.S. Ambassadors as you explore London and Oxford for an in-depth look at the UK’s government, and enjoy exclusive lectures and discussions aboard the elegant QM2.
Program No. 24005RJ
14 days
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At a Glance

In this ever-changing political world, the role of US Ambassadors and embassies has never been more crucial. Revel in the rare opportunity to learn alongside two former US diplomats as they teach you about their lives and their impact on global politics. Both Ambassadors Richard E. Hoagland and Robert E. Whitehead have spent decades serving the United States Department of State in Central Asia and Africa, and will provide key insight into global politics during field trips to London’s House of Parliament, the Churchill War Rooms and other important government buildings. Delve into the Soviet Union, the duties of ambassadors, importance of embassies and much more during exclusive onboard lectures and during enlightening explorations as you learn about global politics from those who know them best.

Best of all, you'll ...

  • Discover London through a political lens as you explore the Palace of Westminster, the Churchill War Rooms, Whitehall and Grosvenor Square with your Study Leaders.
  • Spend a day at Oxford, where 28 U.K. Prime Ministers once studied, to learn about the university that launched many political careers.
  • Enjoy exclusive lectures and discussions with two US Ambassadors as they provide an insider’s perspective on U.S. politics.
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Does America Need a Foreign Policy? Toward a New Diplomacy for the 21st Century
by Henry Kissinger
Obama and China's Rise: An Insider's Account of America's Asia Strategy
by Jeffrey A Bader
Diplomacy: Theory and Practice
by G R Berridge
by Henry Kissinger
Masters of International Relations: Top Thinkers on the Top Problems
by Gideon Rose (ed.)
Duties Beyond Borders: On the Limits and Possibilities of Ethical International Politics
by Stanley Hoffman
America and the World: Debating the New Shape of International Politics
by James F Hoge & Gideon Rose (eds.)
Choose Your Weapons
by Douglas Hurd
The Post-American World: Release 2.0
by Fareed Zakaria
The End of the West?: Crisis and Change in the Atlantic Order
by Jeffrey J Anderson, G John Ikenberry & Thomas Risse (eds.)

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