China Today: Hidden Villages, Contemporary Cities and Yangtze River
Discover China through its people as you enjoy a meal with locals, speak with villagers in Guizhou, learn about urban planning in Shanghai and sail the historic Yangtze River.
Program No. 16602RJ
22 days
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55 Meals
20 Breakfasts
17 Lunches
18 Dinners
The following choices may be available when requested in advance: Gluten Free, Vegetarian
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Aug 26, 2017 - Sep 16, 2017 (Beijing to Shanghai)
  • Aug 26, 2017 - Sep 16, 2017 (Beijing to Shanghai)
3 nights
Originally built in the 1950s, this modernized hotel is located in a traditional district south of Beijing's famous Chan An Avenue and short distance from many of Beijing's historic and monumental sites, including Tian'anmen Square, the Temple of Heaven, and the Forbidden City. It also maintains a well-known theater devoted to nightly performances of Beijing Opera.
Grand Noble Hotel
3 nights
Located inside the city walls in the heart of 'downtown' Xi'an, the Grand Noble (formerly known as the Royal Garden Hotel) is close to the city's main attractions, including the Bell Tower and Muslim Section.
2 nights
Kaili ,Guizhou Province
This recently-built five star hotel is located in the center of a peaceful and quiet area.
1 night
Leishan, Guizhou Province
This newly built hotel is situated outside the town of Leishan, near the Leishan Nature Reserve, a popular resort destination for Chinese tourists. The hotel grounds are adjacent to fields cultivated by the local Miao people.
1 night
Rongjiang County, Guizhou Province ,
The Dongxiangmi Grand Hotel is a very basic hotel that is the best available facility in this undeveloped, rural region.
2 nights
Zhaoxing, Liping County , Guizhou
This newly built VIP building of the Zhaoxing Hotel is in a quiet section of town overlooking a stream, rice fields and local houses. Built in traditional Dong style, the hotel features outdoor balconies and a pleasant mountain ambience.
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