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Historic Mansions & Significant Sites Along the Hudson River

Explore the Gilded Age mansions of some of America’s wealthiest families and learn about architecture and history as you explore the Hudson River Valley with experts.
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At a Glance

Go back in the past to explore the tasteful but opulent grandeur of the Hudson River mansions that belonged to America’s wealthiest families of the Gilded Age. With historians and local experts, explore the grounds, houses and gardens of mansions and West Point. Journey up and down the beautiful Hudson River Valley, and learn the story of these families and relive the culture of the Gilded Age with artful instruction by local experts.

Best of all, you'll ...

  • Discover the magnificence of the estates and gardens of Kykuit, Locust Grove, Lyndhurst, Glenview, Wilderstein and Vanderbilt Mansions along with West Point
  • Delve into the life of a 19th-century “robber baron” and learn their relations with the government and the working man and their creation of opportunities and hardship.
  • Expert instruction on the music of the Gilded Age and the favorite music of the moneyed.

General Notes

The Retreat Difference: This unique, often basic and no-frills experience at a Road Scholar Retreat includes opportunities for early morning exercise, interaction with the local community for insight into local life, an authentic farm-to-table or locally sourced meal, a live performance or event, and a single room to yourself for only $100 more (for many programs). This is a program that travels by comfortable, lavatory-equipped coach to historic houses and mansions located in the southern and central sections of New York’s Hudson Valley. The program is based in Warwick, which is located towards the valley’s southern end. Distances traveled each day range from 45 to 80 miles, one way, with a drive time of 1 to 2 hours, one way, depending on traffic. We make every effort to allow time to explore each mansion throughout the program; however, please be aware that time on the bus is necessary in getting you from place to place. This retreat center program does not include a community engagement activity or morning stretch due to long days on the road with early starts every morning.
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