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Over 60 Gift Ideas for Women Over 60: A Gift Guide for Senior Women

You check your calendar and try to push back the tiny rush of panic. That square circled in red ink means just one thing: You have to buy a present for a special woman in your life who happens to be a senior.

But coming up with gift ideas for women over 50 shouldn’t be a cause for alarm. If you think outside the standard gift box, you’ll find plenty of suggestions here that will have you singing all the way to the celebration.

Gift Giving

Personal Gifts

Women 50+ have collected plenty of things during their lifetimes, especially memories. A great way to capture these memories for future generations is with an autobiographical journal. These charming books allow women to record thoughts and experiences and make beautiful heirloom gifts in later years. Include a gorgeous fountain pen or a personal book light for those late night trips down memory lane.

Treasured books make wonderful gifts for an avid reader. Pick titles from her favorite genre or author. If she prefers to listen rather than read, choose a membership to an audio book site. For added flair, bundle with a beautiful wooden book rest or luxury bookmark.

Infuse a little humor into your gift. Find a delightful art deco rest to hold her sunglasses or reading glasses. A funny wooden face or clever animal snout or beak design is sure to make her smile. Find a pair of glasses in a complementary design or pattern and add a matching carrying case.

Family Gifts

Although your gift is for the woman over 50 in your life, you can acknowledge her love for her family with items designed to include those most precious to her.

If you’re looking for a gift for grandmothers, try a kit designed to help her design letters to her grandkids. Kits include whimsical paper, ribbon and stickers to create one-of-a-kind keepsake treasures for her grandchildren. Tuck in snapshots of her and the kids she can add to the letter collection, and enclose the gift in a mysterious treasure chest.

Often a woman over 50 is in her home by herself, or you find yourself searching for gifts for a widow. Banish any lonely feelings with long distance touch lights. One stays at her house while family members have lights in their homes. A simple touch illuminates the light in one of several colors, letting her know you’re thinking of her that very moment. Place photos of family members in color-coded frames nearby so she knows who turned on the light from far away.

Technology races ahead of all of us, but you can still find ideal gifts for senior women. Make staying in touch with family via online communication easy with a computerless email system. With a simple interface and minimal equipment, this system can even email a handwritten letter or print an incoming email or photo so they’re easier to see. Stock with plenty of printer paper and a desk organizer to keep the system tidy.

Travel Gifts for Senior Women

For a senior on-the-go, unique gifts abound. To make travel fun and exciting, seek out gifts sure to become conversation starters.

An international scratch-off map will become the centerpiece of a world-traveler’s home. Every destination can be recorded quickly and shows at a glance all of the interesting places she’s been. You can even include a special medallion or commemorative coin to use for the location reveals.

Wish lists and must-dos are important. Highlight these with a book of lifetime destinations or bucket list ideas, like Patricia Schultz's 1000 Places to See Before You Die. Find books that detail exotic vacations and must-see locations. Put the book in a decorative bucket and tuck in small travel goodies such as snacks or whimsical themed socks. Include a leather travel wallet with destination gift cards to round out the present.

Of course a wonderful gift for women over 50 is an adventure designed just for women! Road Scholar offers numerous programs highlighting the joy and beauty of being a woman. Bring the excitement of hiking in Yosemite, cooking in Tuscany or studying theater in London to the over-50 woman in your life.

Gift Giving

Dreamy Gifts

There’s nothing like a good night’s sleep, and often senior women fight to get the right amount of zzz’s. Here are a couple of thoughtful household items for the over-50 dream-chasers on your gift list.

Often, noises are the culprit of sleep interruption. Gift her with a beautiful white-noise machine that not only looks great beside her bed, but drowns out unwanted sounds such as barking dogs or traffic noise. Include a silk pillowcase, fleece slippers or a bottle of lavender pillow spray to give her the most restful night possible.

Another excellent gift idea for peaceful slumber over 50 is a blanket. Whether you choose a popular weighted blanket or simply a cozy luxury throw, sweet dreams are sure to follow for her. Send the blanket along with a collection of aromatherapy lotions or an oil diffuser for the perfect soothing gift.

Creativity Gifts

If she is the creative type, you’ll find awesome gifts for senior women. Whether she likes to paint, draw, take photographs or write: Gift ideas abound.

For the artist, present her with a mixed media art set. Nicer collections include oil paints, acrylics, fine brushes, pencils and chalk pastels to suit any creative style. You can even rest the gift on an open easel or include a blank canvas or a gift certificate for an advanced art class.

If your gift recipient is a child at heart, you can find wonderful mandala coloring books for adults. These mesmerizing outlines allow for quiet reflection and meditation as the artist colors in the beautiful designs. Wrap the coloring books and a box of colored pencils in a bright scarf with a mandala pattern she can replicate.

For the over-50 woman who loves to make her own jewelry, tap into the gorgeous handmade jewelry kits available at craft stores. High-quality beads, natural stones and brightly painted cords open up a world of possibilities for the creative woman. Include a beautiful decorative jewelry organizer to sit on her table or hang on her wall.

Hobby Gifts

Senior women who indulge in captivating hobbies are excited to receive gifts related to their interests. Bring on the smiles with perfectly selected goodies designed just for hobbyists.

An avid bird watcher will delight in a bird feeder designed to attach directly to a window. Once installed, she can watch the birds up close from the comfort of her home. Send along some birdseed or a field guide to local wild birds.

Gift ideas for women over 50 can include awesome gardening goodies. Whether inside or outside, she can grow fruit, veggies, herbs or flowers for fun. Indoor herb kits, outdoor gardening kits, exotic bulb collections or gorgeous bonsai tree kits are all perfect for those sporting green thumbs or even just beginning. Add gardening books specific to the kit you choose, or a small plant to get her started.

Sometimes, women over 50 enjoy keeping sharp with puzzles and games. If the over-50 woman in your life loves to get lost in the challenges, grab mind-bending puzzle books or spectacular jigsaw puzzles to provide ongoing entertainment. Provide her with gourmet popcorn, delectable chocolates or savory teas to enjoy while she spends time with her puzzles.

Consumable Gifts

Speaking of yummy treats, you can score great gift ideas with ongoing subscription boxes. Cheeses, wines, fruits or exotic experiences from countries around the world are all available as monthly subscriptions. Select two or more complementary subscriptions and suggest a monthly get-together with friends to sample and share.

Not all of your women friends over 50 need or want actual gifts. Discover her favorite charity and make a donation in her name. The group benefits, and she will be delighted for one less thing to dust. If possible, arrange to take her to visit the location of her donation recipient.

Another way to honor the woman over 50 with a non-clutter gift is to “adopt” an animal in her name or have a celestial body named after her. There are even organizations that allow you to buy a tiny piece of protected property and receive the title of Lady.

Finding amazing gifts for women over 50 doesn’t have to send you running to the generic gift card rack. With a treasure-trove of ideas listed here you will have no trouble delivering smiles and laughter with your perfect gifts.

Fashionable Gifts

If you’re looking for gift ideas for women over 60, fashion items will never miss the mark. Clothes and accessories make great gifts for 60 year olds. Here are some fashionable gift ideas for senior women:

Statement jewelry. One of the best gifts for a woman turning 60 is jewelry. If you’re looking for the perfect statement piece, consider a necklace, earrings, bracelet or ring. As you search for the perfect piece of jewelry, keep in mind her preferences. Is the majority of her current jewelry gold/gold plated or silver? From there, you can narrow your search and find a piece that matches her unique sense of style. You can also opt for personalized jewelry that contains a birthstone, a heartfelt inscribed message or her initials.

Fashion magazine subscription. A memorable birthday gift for a 60-year-old woman is a subscription to a popular fashion magazine like Vogue or Harper’s Bazaar. A fashion magazine subscription can be an inspiration to stay up to date on the latest fashion trends.

Stylish sunglasses. A pair of chic sunglasses elevates any look on a sunny day and also offers UV sun protection. Sunglasses can come in various shapes and styles, from aviator to cat-eye to round or square, so search for a pair that will match her personality.

Handbags. These make great gifts for older women. A leather handbag is a timeless accessory that can take any ensemble up a notch. You can also find unique handbags, such as a beaded bag from Susan Alexandra, that can serve as a statement piece for any outfit. Like sunglasses, handbags are both stylish and practical. They’re handy for carrying essentials when running errands or traveling.

Silk scarf. A luxurious silk scarf in a vibrant color is a tried-and-true classic. A soft silk scarf can add a touch of sophistication to any outfit.

Self-Care Gifts

Self care is essential, especially as you age, so self-care gifts are an excellent choice. Consider these ideas:

Spa gift set. Give her an at-home spa day with a gift set containing all of the essentials, such as a bath bomb, bath salts, body scrubs, lotions and scented candles that make for a relaxing evening at home.

Herbal tea set. Another popular gift idea for older women is a selection of high-quality herbal teas that promote relaxation and well-being, such as chamomile, peppermint, ginger, hibiscus and green tea.

Comfortable loungewear. When it comes to relaxing at home, there’s nothing better than comfortable loungewear. Whether it’s her birthday or a holiday, you can’t go wrong with a cozy robe, pajama set or slippers.

Sleep accessories. Sleep is essential for your overall well-being, and there are several sleep accessories you can give a woman turning 60, such as a pillow spray with a soothing scent or a sleep mask that blocks bright lights.

Wellness retreat. If you’re looking for one of the top gift ideas for an older woman, you can’t go wrong with a wellness retreat to a workshop or spa where she can learn new self-care techniques, receive a relaxing massage and spend time indulging in rejuvenating experiences.

Wellness app subscription. Take advantage of the digital age by gifting a subscription to a wellness app offering guided meditations, yoga classes, fitness programs or sleep aids that address her needs.

Journal. Spending time for self reflection can be highly beneficial. Journals and gratitude diaries, which can help decrease stress and improve mood, are excellent gifts for women turning 60.

Culinary Gifts

Some of our most enjoyable time is spent in the kitchen. Cooking lets you express your creativity, relieves stress and brings people together. Some of the best gifts for 60 year olds are culinary gifts that inspire them to experiment with new flavors and recipes. Here are some of our recommended culinary gift ideas for women over 60:

Cooking classes. The gift of a cooking class offers new culinary skills and recipes to try at home, new flavors and ingredients and new techniques from professional chefs.

Gourmet spice collection. Spices are the accessories to any meal and can help define its best qualities. A gourmet spice collection with various seasonings from across the world can be an inspiration to try new flavors and enhance culinary creations.

Cookbooks. Another excellent gift idea for a senior woman is a cookbook collection featuring cuisines from different cultures, baking recipes and healthy eating options that offer endless culinary inspiration. For a sentimental gift, you can also create a custom recipe book by collecting her favorite recipes with personal anecdotes and photos attached.

Herb garden kit. Herbs are essential for any recipe, and an herb garden kit can ensure a fresh supply at a moment’s notice. Popular herbs you can include are basil, thyme, mint, oregano and parsley.

Kitchen knife set. One of the essential kitchen items for any home chef is a high-quality knife, and a kitchen set ensures there's always a knife to cut any type of ingredient.

With this list of gift ideas for a woman over 60, you’re sure to make a lasting and heartfelt impression, whether it’s her birthday, a holiday or "just because."