Lifelong Learning Institute membership application
Institute Information

Terms of Affiliation

The Institute agrees to the following:

  • That learners have significant involvement in developing college-level educational programming
  • That there is organizational structure, which distinguishes the Institute as an educational community of older learners.
  • That there is an educational purpose to the Institute by providing college level course work usually on a non-credit basis.
  • That the Institute is a membership organization in that learners join Institutes. Organizational structures (by-laws, committees, etc.) create an entity with identity and purpose of its own.
  • That there is open membership by involving members in decision-making. In addition to determining curriculum, members may be active in recruiting new members, financing the Institute and developing social programming.
  • That there is co-curricular programming by encouraging participation without regard to previous levels of formal education.
  • That Lifelong Learning Institutes (LLIs) who do not have an academic host must carry their own liability insurance. (LLIs with academic hosts are usually covered under their host’s liability umbrella policy). The LLI Resource Network and Elderhostel, Inc (dba Road Scholar) do not provide liability insurance coverage for any lifelong learning institute. Each institute, although an affiliate of the LLI Resource Network, is an independent entity. As such, it must make sure that it has adequate coverage, either through an academic host or through independent means

The “Road Scholar” name as well as the name the “Road Scholar Lifelong Learning Institute Resource Network” logo are service marks held by Elderhostel, Inc. and registered to it in the United States Patent and Trade Mark Office as well as with many countries foreign to the United States. The Road Scholar service marks, logos, web site address and other marks owned by Road Scholar may not be used or reproduced without the express written authorization of LLI Resource Network-affiliated Institutes recognize the legal authority of Elderhostel, Inc.