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How to Edit Your Account Details

Here’s how to access and update all the personal information in your Road Scholar account.

Step 1: Signing Into Your Account

Click the triangle in ‘My Account’ directly above the Community tab on the top of our homepage. If you already have an account with us, click the blue ‘Sign In’ button. 


Step 2: Enter your information on the sign-in page.

Once you are logged in, you can access your personal information by clicking Settings, then Account Details from the dropdown. You can also access this page by using the dropdown in the Account menu


Step 3: Edit your settings.

Once on the Settings page, you’ll be able to edit all the details related to your account and household. You can add a new household member or change the information for an existing one by selecting the name or Add a Household Member.



You can edit your name, email address, and change your password from the Account Details page.


Other things you can change under Account Details include your nickname, date of birth, your Road Scholar Class, gender and legal name.


As an option, you can select your ethnicity under Details. Your address and phone number are also here and can be changed.


Step 4: Save your settings.


To make sure your updates are saved, you’ll want to scroll to the bottom and click the blue Save button after you’ve made any changes.




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