Czech Republic
Independent Prague: Architecture and the Arts
Discover an insider’s appreciation for Prague, gaining a comprehensive understanding of art, architecture and history as you explore this city with local scholars and resident experts.
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This was an excellent program. I would like to return again!
Prague is one of the world's "must see" cities. Road Scholar's "Independent Prague" helps you to go beyond just "seeing" the city to marveling at and embracing its courageous people, fascinating history, and rich culture. B. Fincham, California
This was my first Road Scholar tour and it was pretty much perfect. Tereza our tour guide was wonderful, as was the food and lodging. All the activities were as advertized. I have absolutely nothing to complain about. Independent Prague is an exceptional program, worth every penny. If you are thinking of signing up for it, don’t hesitate, go!
Great program. I am glad I was in a reasonable hotel, not a 5 star hotel that was a lot more expensive. The staff was amazing. I will never travel internationally again outside of Road Scholar. Having a great staff to rely on, and medical insurance in case of the unthinkable (which is exactly what happened to me!) was a TOTAL GIFT. Highly recommended.
Top-notch guides and lecturers. A perfect balance of group activities and individual free time.
You can go and sightsee and this certainly is a magnificent city to do so OR you can add the educational lectures to truly understand this remarkable history that places in context how the city, this country, this culture and the present day politics have evolved. This Road Scholar trip does all this and makes one long for a second act to go deeper. November is chilly, drizzly and windy and it doesn’t matter. The crowds are still there but many fewer. Six days barely scratches the surface of what Road Scholar offers here.
A week in Prague was perfect! The balance was just right from dependent to independent. Dave & Wendy Banks
Just came back from this program and can't say enough good things about it! An excellent balance of organized group time and free time to get out and explore Prague on my own. The organizers and lecturers were all excellent and the hotel comfortable and very accommodating. Prague is a beautiful, fascinating city and easy to navigate as a visitor.
My husband and I enjoyed this program. Lida, Jan, and Tomas were all very knowledgeable, helpful, and accommodating. While I understand that the "independent" programs are designed to have more free time than other tours, I feel there was too much unstructured time in this program. In past independent programs I've attended, the leaders have offered to go along and guide some of the optional activities, but that wasn't offered in this program. It would have been nice to include a river cruise and the daylong trip to the Terezin concentration camp as group activities. The lectures were very informative and enjoyable, particularly Tomas's. His family's personal story was exceptional, and we were so glad he shared that. The hotel was adequate and well located, and we loved hearing about its history from Tomas, which made it an even more special location. The breakfast at the hotel was very nice, but we felt that the other meals that were provided were skimpy. Again, in past programs, the welcome and farewell dinners in particular have been much nicer meals. This was a very inexpensive program. Personally, we would have been willing to pay more to have a few more activities included and to have higher quality meals. Overall, we loved Prague and this program. We had a marvelous time, and would recommend it to others with perhaps the few enhancements I've suggested.
The program provides a good introduction to Prague and provides guides who will assist each participant to investigate areas in the city they wish to visit, recommending restaurants, assisting with tickets to concerts and operas and sights outside the city.
The trip to Prague was absolutely delightful & I highly recommend it!
A fantastic week in Prague! Our group leaders were very friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. The hotel was in a quiet location, yet close to public transport, restaurants, and shopping. Prague is a city well worth exploring, and this program gave us the orientation we needed so that we could then go out confidently on our own. All in all, an unforgettable experience.
It was a delight to share the program with Jan and Marketa!!! I loved both of them! Lillye McInnis
A bit redundant, but overall good.
This program provided super value, no single supplement (one of the reasons I chose it) , plenty of meals and free time included, terrific guides, location perfect for getting around on our own, good time of year so that it wasn't too crowded.
Basically, I was happy with the trip to Prague although I thought we could have had shorter lectures in the morning in order to have more time during the day for independent study and personal travel. However, I am most unhappy with and wish to file a formal complaint against RS's travel service. I arranged round trip travel to Prague through this service. In doing so I requested an airplane seat specifically on the aisle to accommodate an aging back that requires me to stand and move frequently (unless the flight crew has instructed us to remain in our seats). I was very adamant about this seating location and made travel plans far enough in advance to secure the placement I needed. Unfortunately, I spent 12 hours in a middle seat which affected my ability to enjoy the first day of travel in Prague, due to back pain. To the best of my knowledge, aircraft was not substituted by the airline, making an aisle seat unavailable. I would appreciate your response to this complaint before I consider any additional trips with your company or making any recommendations to others for RS trips. Thank you. Pamela V. Martin~
Independent Prague was an outstanding program. I learned much about Prague, an interesting and historic city. The tour guides and lecturers were outstanding, the hotel was comfortable and centrally located. I enjoyed this program very much.
Independent Prague was the first independent program I have experienced. It was wonderful--full of information, support, excellent trip leader and instructors, and surprisingly enlightening experiences. Just the right mix of group activity and free time, with plenty of support from staff to make the independent activities comfortable.
This was a terrific program--educational, entertaining, and inclusive. There was a balance between lecture and free time that allowed for both instruction and independent activities. My only complaint was that I didn't have two weeks so I could to use the information I acquired! All of the leaders were well-trained and effective as well as friendly and fun to be around. I can't imagine a better tour.
The balance of structured and unstructured time was ideal!
This is a great trip, exceptionally well planned, with wonderful guides, based in a small hotel in an excellent location. I would go again.
The Art and Architecture in Prague Program was delightful and informative. There are so many cultural happenings available year round that I intend on returning back to Prague someday to enjoy more of this beautiful jewel of a city. The restaurants were warm and inviting and I enjoyed the freetime to visit and revisit favorite places. English seemed to be understood everywhere.
I admit that, as an American, I had very little working knowledge about this part of the world (which, by the way, I learned is Central Europe, not Eastern Europe). I felt like an explorer in a gorgeous, culturally rich and historically fascinating place. Prague is amazing -- clean, safe, and full of music. A fabulous trip.
This was a superb program with a good balance of group lectures/outings and a lot of free time to explore this wonderful city on our own. The group guide and our lecturers were superb, and we were glad to have accommodations in a charming smaller hotel somewhat off the well-beaten tourist track. Highly recommended!
An amazing way to see a true gem of a city. Beautiful architecture and art and world class music. So much to enjoy!
Ruth J
This is a wonderful trip to really explore Prague. It is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The people were friendly, and if we looked unsure on the Tram, the young people were especially helpful & could speak English.
Excellent program. Good content, excellent staff, pleasant and convenient accommodations. Fascinating and beautiful city.
Prague has a rich and important history that may not be sufficiently known to travelers more familiar with Western Europe. And who could argue with seeing good opera in the very theater where Mozart presented, or visiting the palace of the duke who subsidized three Beethoven symphonies, among other works? History does come much more alive.
The Prague Road Scholar experience opened our eyes to Central Europe and the art, history and people of an area of the world which has not been often part of the education programs in the US. We had such a good time with our fellow participants and were so impressed by our program leaders.
Prague is a unique experience in and of itself. The tour leaders and instructors found ways to expand on Prague's uniqueness in terms of beauty, art, history and context. Thank you.
This program is perfect for the independent traveler going to a new place for the first time!

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