Great Ice Age Floods: Nature’s Power & Beauty in the Northwest

Discover your inner geologist and hear the divided history behind the National Park Service’s Geologic Trail as you explore and learn about the region’s stunning glacial landscapes.
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Clair Jo

My brother, college graduate, worked in Colo. He was interested in my experience, aome of the animals, and Lewis and Clark trip. I would like to send his info to our professor Richard. Not sure how to do that.


This program involves long bus rides, with short stops to see the geology. There is minimal exercise involved other than getting on and off the bus, however the sites we saw were very educational in relation to the lecctures. I will never again look at the landscape of Eastern Washington without thinking about how it was formed. Guess what - those hills and cuts were not made by road graders, excavations, and tractors adjusting the land to make better road conditions and farms!!! Ice and floods are powerful events.


This was my first trip with road scholar, and I went alone. Met up with a wonderful group of people in Spokane to learn about the ancient ice floods and how they impacted Washington. Absolutely fascinating trip! I had such a wonderful time. I will definitely be traveling with this organization again.


Like a really fun summer school class with daily geology-focused field trips. If you have a curiosity about why the landscape is the way it is, especially in Washington State and surrounding areas, this is the trip for you. Expertly led by Don Popejoy. Highly recommended.


If you are interested in ancient history of the earth, this program is for you. The amazing changes in the landscape and the individuals who studied and reported on these changes make this an interesting course.


Good show.


What a great program ... the best Road Scholar trip I've been on in the US! Very well planned and led, with a very interesting topic.


If you are into history of our earth and enjoy seeing different parts of our wonderful and diverse country, you will like this program about the ice age floods and how they impacted this area of the state of Washington.


Learning the unbelievable geological history of the area made viewing a landscape absolutely awe-inspiring.


If you like to learn and travel at the same time, this Road is for you.


Important perspective on an overlooked area of the West Coast-Intermountain West.

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