Hiking Granite Gorge and Havasupai

Granite Gorge and Havasupai are some of the best-kept secrets in the Grand Canyon. Come hike these lesser-known wonders as you learn their story, from prehistory to today.
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The hiking experience in this beautiful southwest landscape is unparalleled. I was able to access these unique hiking opportunities as a solo Road Scholar traveler because I was part of a great group of Road Scholar people which was led by our great guides, Mike Masek and Eric Kee. I intend to sign up for more Southwest hiking trips.


What an amazing adventure!! I have wanted to do the hike to the Falls for several years and finally got up the courage. I was not disappointed! It is challenging but not impossible. Taking the time to train before the trip is beneficial and will make it more enjoyable for you. I'm so glad I did it!!


A fantastic trip in the Canyon without the hordes of people you see at the South Rim. The trip is exactly as described. Beautiful scenery and a chance to interact with people from two different tribes. Walking in and out of the canyon, walking at your own pace and sometimes being alone on the trail if you wished was breathtaking. Stewart was a great guide with extensive knowledge of the area and its people. He prepared us well for each day's hike and what was ahead. It's a bucket list trip not to be missed.


This trip is a valuable addition to anyone who has visited the canyon in the past. The trip clearly and expertly wove the geology and biologicals with the culture and history of the Indians in a detailed and expert manner. Getting to talk with Indians was valuable and I learned much about their culture and passions for the land and their history.


This program was well organized. The leaders were excellent. Enjoyed the small group and the fellow hikers. Absolutely stunning location. Loved the trip and hope I can find another I like as well or better.


This program has it all! A world-class destination and seeing things that would be very difficult to see on your own is just the beginning. You learn a lot about every aspect of your environment--culture, geology, plants, and more. It's physically challenging, so be sure you're ready so that you can enjoy this great experience to its fullest.


Excellent program. Be sure to read I am the Grand Canyon before going. If possible, add a day before the program to visit the Museum of Northern Arizona in Flagstaff. NB... Prep with lots of upper and lower body workouts; the scramble down and back up Mooney Falls is awesome!!!


The opportunity to see the "Blue/Green Waters" of the Havasu Canyon was just as I had hoped. Also, the climb out of the canyon was not as difficult as I anticipated. Very much worth the effort.


I completed the "Hiking Granite Gorge and Havasupai" program last week, and I was quite impressed with the experience! Our program leaders, Stewart and Eric, were knowledgeable, respectful, caring, and problem-solvers. The geographic areas explored are amazing, and the culture of the Native Americans we interfaced with is quite interesting. I learned much on this trip, and I was personally rewarded with skills and experiences that will enrich my understanding of local cultures and geology.


This is an excellent program to a stunningly beautiful location! It was well-managed, despite some last minute "new rules" for entering Havasupai. The pace and activity level were appropriate for the activity rating, and the knowledge shared about many aspects of the canyon, falls, and people was truly enlightening.


This program was wonderful. I pushed myself a bit and felt like I accomplished something special. And yet, there was not a hurried pace; time was allowed to relax, to talk with fellow participants, and to process all that we were taking in. It was great to share the experience with such a terrific group and with our superb leaders. I feel very fortunate to have experienced this program. I offer my highest recommendation!


Road Scholar trips are fun and exciting and are as good as their description!


This trip was on my bucket list ever since I saw a picture of Havasu Falls on Facebook. As hard as it is to get a permit to get into Havasupai, I'm very glad Road Scholar has a trip. The hike down & into Havasupai was much easier than I expected, and the waterfalls did not disappoint. They weren't quite as blue-green as the photos I saw online, but they were still amazing. With all of the beauty in this region, you can't help but be struck by the stark contrast of what has happened to the Supai themselves. I was blissfully ignorant when I went on this trip and am still a bit shocked. It just really impacts you, leaving you to wonder why our forefathers couldn't have done better.


Highly recommend


This hiking was thrilled and awesome. Everybody was friendly and welcomed.


I am trying to think of a word that eclipses "breathtaking". Maybe it's a feeling beyond words that embraces your soul with the stunning sights at every step and turn of this trip. You'll be challenged, thrilled, and enthralled. You'll be tired and sore and gasping for breath but in the best possible way. If you understand what I mean by that then you will love this trip. The wondrous beauty of Granite Gorge and Havasu Canyon are gifts that are truly transforming, but read and take to heart ALL of the advice the Road Scholar team provides. This program is awesome but only if you are prepared. 5 STARS! (Thank you Mike and Norm!) Ann

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If you want to learn more about the Grand Canyon and the history of its people, this is the trip for you. Wonderful walk in with more ease and beauty along the way than we anticipated. It was lovely to stay in the village and get a sense of the life of the people there along with learning more about their history. I recommend reading "I am the Grand Canyon" as an introduction. It is a book on the reading list. The guides were knowledgeable and helpful all along the way.


Excellent program. Hikes were enjoyable with stunning scenery. Group leaders Bruce and Amy were wonderful.


Very interesting educational experience to a remote area. Definitely one of my top trips.


This is a "must do" hiking program for anyone who wishes to see one of the most scenic parts of the U.S., and experience the challenge of hiking down to, and climbing out of, Havasupai Canyon. (8 miles and 2,000 feet of concentrated elevation change.) The logistics are a bit complicated, so careful planning for each part of the trip is helpful. (For example, there is a limit to how much can be packed down into the canyon by the animals. The rest of your clothes and personal items, for two overnights, will be in your backpack.) The accommodations were fine, even in Supai village, and surprisingly, there is acceptable phone and WiFi service there. Food is basic, so bringing preferred protein bars and such should be considered. (You do NOT have to pack in your own food.) Limited food and drink is also available at the General Store in Supai village. The amount of time actually on your own in the canyon is limited, so take advantage of it for photography and just generally enjoying the waterfalls and nature. Reading beforehand about the history of the Havasupai people, and their current challenges, will enrich your experience. Be prepared to be flexible, as times and conditions may change.

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