Morocco: Melting Pot of Cultures
Discover the vibrant culture of Morocco as you get hands-on with cooking classes, meet local artists, explore stunning landscapes and learn the complex story of this ancient land.
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One of my favorite RS trips, thanks to our guide Widad and the Center for Cross Cultural Learning for a well organized introduction to Morocco. This is a fast paced trip covering a lot of territory. My favorite places were the blue city Chefchaouen, the Roman ruins at Volubilis and the desert camp. The food was delicious, plentiful and fresh, the accomodations in each city were varied and comfortable. Lots of walking up and down many stairs and uneven surfaces. I liked the time spent in the cities contrasting with the time in the countryside. Road Scholar always throws in something special, like the meals at some lovely places. The CCCL location in Rabat, the peaceful property in Ouazzane and the desert camp. I highly recommend this trip.


This Moroccan program was a wonderful experience that opened everyone’s opinion of this beautiful country, wonderful people, valued culture and history.


This far exceeded my expectations. One of my best experiences and I have been to 63 countries.

This reviewer did not give a star rating.

Wonderful trip!! Highly recommended. The food was spectacular, the architecture marvelous. Our camel ride will never be forgotten. Particular thanks to The Center for Cross Cultural Learning, their conferences, the installations and the food was great. But the success of the whole trip was mainly due to Rachid Qasbi, who went out of his way to have everything running smoothly.


The Road Scholar Morocco Melting Pot of Cultures program is an incredible trip through time and locations in Morocco. The knowledge sharing provided by Road Scholar is exceptional. The accommodations, transportation, logistics, lectures and overall experience are all a tremendous value. This is truly a once in a lifetime trip I will be remembering for a long time.


Morocco has been a dream trip for me for a long time. And I am grateful to Road Scholar and our guide Rachid Qasbi for offering a fabulous experience.

Maria Elena

The trip to Morocco surpassed my expectations. Rachid, our tour guide went beyond the call of duty to make us feel at ease. He is very proud of his country and shared his knowledge for us to better understand such a different culture. He achieved his goal with honors. I highly recommend this trip if your are interested in islamic culture.


This is a great tour that showcases the urban and rural areas of Morocco. The guide is very knowledgeable and interprets the tremendous changes that are transforming Morocco. I would recommend it heartily to those who want to understand the impact of the modern times on a conservative Islamic civilization and how a monarchy is trying to adapt to the changes.


This trip was an in-depth look at Moroccan culture. I was transported to another world. Delightful.



This reviewer did not give a star rating.

I was bowled over by the experience in Morocco as it was unlike any other country I had been and I learned a vast amount about its culture and history. I have only very positive remarks to offer about Rashid. He was utterly amazing for his depth of knowledge, his kindness, his willingness to help with all sorts of important and minor!! issues, and, not least, his sense of humor. Not sure how he kept his cool for all the repetitious questions. He is a true professional. The trip itself offered lots of variety and the spectacular evening in the desert. My favorite overnight was the riad in Chefchaouen, as it gave more of a flavor of the insides of life in Morocco. My main suggestion for improving the tour would be to allow us to visit a family/household or two. One would be an upper class family and the other an average/working family. To see the insides of some houses would be terrific since the doors are all closed. While the tagines were different in flavor, they had a sameness to them after halfway through the trip. Personally I like meat very much and would be glad to see that served apart from the whole rice and veggie mix. I was very pleased with the accommodations on the whole, though wishing for another riad in the mix. Not sure why, but Marrakech was a disappointment. Perhaps we were all too tired at that point. I would have liked to spend at least another day there and to have seen some real neighborhoods, again average and maybe some less "glamorous" sections. It might be helpful (aside from what the leader can TELL you) to have a short list of other destinations not on the tour -- ie walkabouts. I am not sure which town/city it was where we saw the animals being bought and sold, but that was truly a slice of life. Again, I cannot say enough for Rashid and the driver!! The countryside was fascinating in all its varied terrain. I am glad that we covered as much of the country as we did in the two weeks. Very in depth. Thank you to Road Scholar.


This is a comprehensive look at Morocco; the culture, Islam, food, handcrafts and the amazing and diverse landscape. Our group came home with whole new insights into everything about this wonderful country and it’s welcoming people. The Pre-trip reading is crucial for beginning to understand it and helping to get a grip on the history of Morocco, North Africa and Islam.


Fabulous trip. Morocco was breathtakingly beautiful with a very varied landscape that I wasn’t expecting. It was so interesting to see the geographic variation within the country: seaside resorts; modern cities; ancient cities; crowded souks and medinas; and finally, the almost unbelievable expanse of the Sahara. The various lectures and especially our daily encounters with people from very different cultures was endlessly fascinating. Beginning our visit to Morocco with lectures and meals at the Center for Cross Cultural Learning in Rabat seemed a little unusual but turned out to be wonderful. The CCCL is located in a old historic house in the medina. It felt like being invited into a Moroccan home. And the food was great! Our guide – Rachid – was wonderful. Best trip ever!


Morocco is a fascinating blend of Berber/Amazigh, Arab and French cultures with an amazingly varied geography. Traveling through Riff and Atlas mountains, Sahara desert and central agricultural valleys meant long bus rides, but it was worth it. So many interesting things from the music to the languages to the religion and architecture made this a memorable trip. Riding a camel and camping in the sand dunes of the Sahara were great experiences. Stepping outside my desert tent in the middle of the night with absolutely no ambient light and seeing the night sky with the milky way and billions of stars was a truly memorable experience that gave me insight into early cultures which were shaped around the astronomy of the night sky.


A trip to Morrocco is a must for any world traveler and Road Scholar makes it particularly interesting and informative


This was one of our favorite trips. Total immersion in the Moroccan culture and history. I would highly recommend this program.


The Morocco trip was remarkable for cultural richness and and fabulous geography! It expanded my insight into Islam in general and Moroccan culture in particular. Geography included the dessert dunes of the Sahara, lush green valleys of the Rif and the snowcapped High Atlas. The markets of the old sections of the cities were like stepping back to another age. The staff was very caring and helpful.

This reviewer did not give a star rating.

I have put off writing what is essentially a negative review, but decided RS needed to know that at least one person was dissatisfied. The entire program was disorganized from the start; the partnership with the group in Rabat was poorly organized as to time management. There were as many as three bus trips per day that took nearly one half hour to cover what several of us discovered was only a ten minute walk. Long bus trips got to be a way of life we seemed to spend endless days crossing the Atlas mountains from one side or another. Of the lectures there only one (the architect) did not repeat the same content. In all we probably heard similar presentations at least five times. There were far too many “shopping” stops that only served to waste even more of our time. This also goes for the all too frequent rest room stops that were announced to be 15 minutes and always seemed to extend to at least 45. The ultimate waste of time was the final day in Casablanca. The tour of the mosque was first of all a waste of money, just as much could have been seen by walking around the grounds, the interior was like all mosques just on a more grand scale. Then we were taken to a hotel many miles from the airport which necessitated a very early trip out to get there which could have been avoided by staying nearer the airport. Neither of the guides were even adequate. Wadeed constantly held us up to deal with the needs of one person or another. Once we spent an hour waiting at a pharmacy to open so one person could get her knee looked at. This occurred within a half hour of leaving a hotel with a doctor on call. There were numerous other incidents of this type. She never seemed to develop the art of dealing with a group dynamic as have most other guides I’ve had experience with. Nabil was knowledgeable but was a pedant only interested in the sound of his own voice. The high point to the trip was the trip out to the desert camp. Magical and in some quite unforgett


Easy to use.


Easy to use.


This program exceeded our expectations! If you want to have an experience of a lifetime, you should consider taking this trip. We experienced the wonderful diversity of Morocco by going to its ancient walled cities, the desert, mountain villages, and age-old caravan routes and casbahs, just to name a few. Our group leader was exceptional and all the lecturers and local guides were interesting, welcoming and knowledgeable. We were immersed in Moroccan culture at the local level and learned much about the country itself. Although we've traveled all over the world, this trip will stand out as one of our very favorites!


Morocco, Melting Pot of Cultures, is a WONDERFUL program. The educational content is top notch, the guides are terrific, it is very well-organized, the mix of activities is excellent, and the other participants were interesting, nice and fun!


I started out being fascinated by Morocco and now I LOVE Morocco. The trip was wonderful; I just can't imagine a better way to travel through Morocco. Thank you!


NOT INTENDED FOR PUBLICATION. After submission, it does not appear possible to find and edit the trip form evaluation. More negatives. Casablanca was the least interesting part of the trip. I would add a day or two more at more interesting locations and maybe provide an overnight stay at a hotel at or near the Casablanca airport. More positives The trip to the cultural centers (both were inspired, especially the last one --women's cooperative-- with the cooking, music and most especially the children who came to watch and listen. My vote would be for more of those types of visits sprinkled around the country (and fewer shopping opportunities). Last, as a lawyer I would have liked to know more about the present Moroccan legal system (both religious and civil). As a practicing journalist, I would have like to meet with and find out more about the situation for journalists in present day Morocco. Stan Roden


Morocco: the Melting Pot of Cultures was a fantastic program. Our group leader Nabil was one of the best I have seen and I learned so much about Morocco and Islam. The county has so much to see and experience such as the seaside, mountains, Sahara desert, imperial cities, exciting medinas, friendly people and wonderful food. I would highly recommend this program.


This is a great program that covers the many regions and cultures of Morocco that provides good information about Islam and the role of women in Morocco. The group leader Nabil Akabli is wonderful person who made the tour very information and special!


A wonderful and comprehensive way to explore Moroccan culture within the limits of a 2-week visit.


The Morocco trip was a very educational and informative trip which enhanced my understanding of North Africa's culture and history as well as a better understanding of Islam. The mountains and desert were spectacular and the Moroccan architecture and tile work were beautiful. The program was very well run and our tour director did an excellent job. I would highly recommend this trip.


Highly recommend this trip. The "bus" time may seem daunting when you read the explanation, but it was so worth it. The trip takes you all over the country. Driving it allows you to see all the varied landscapes you would not see, if, you did not drive it. Great balance of education, varied locations, great food, and shopping for unique items. LOVED IT!! (p.s. Rachid and Widad made the trip)

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