Morocco: Melting Pot of Cultures
Discover the vibrant culture of Morocco as you get hands-on with cooking classes, meet local artists, explore stunning landscapes and learn the complex story of this ancient land.
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This program exceeded our expectations! If you want to have an experience of a lifetime, you should consider taking this trip. We experienced the wonderful diversity of Morocco by going to its ancient walled cities, the desert, mountain villages, and age-old caravan routes and casbahs, just to name a few. Our group leader was exceptional and all the lecturers and local guides were interesting, welcoming and knowledgeable. We were immersed in Moroccan culture at the local level and learned much about the country itself. Although we've traveled all over the world, this trip will stand out as one of our very favorites!
Morocco, Melting Pot of Cultures, is a WONDERFUL program. The educational content is top notch, the guides are terrific, it is very well-organized, the mix of activities is excellent, and the other participants were interesting, nice and fun!
I started out being fascinated by Morocco and now I LOVE Morocco. The trip was wonderful; I just can't imagine a better way to travel through Morocco. Thank you!
NOT INTENDED FOR PUBLICATION. After submission, it does not appear possible to find and edit the trip form evaluation. More negatives. Casablanca was the least interesting part of the trip. I would add a day or two more at more interesting locations and maybe provide an overnight stay at a hotel at or near the Casablanca airport. More positives The trip to the cultural centers (both were inspired, especially the last one --women's cooperative-- with the cooking, music and most especially the children who came to watch and listen. My vote would be for more of those types of visits sprinkled around the country (and fewer shopping opportunities). Last, as a lawyer I would have liked to know more about the present Moroccan legal system (both religious and civil). As a practicing journalist, I would have like to meet with and find out more about the situation for journalists in present day Morocco. Stan Roden
This is a great program that covers the many regions and cultures of Morocco that provides good information about Islam and the role of women in Morocco. The group leader Nabil Akabli is wonderful person who made the tour very information and special!
Morocco: the Melting Pot of Cultures was a fantastic program. Our group leader Nabil was one of the best I have seen and I learned so much about Morocco and Islam. The county has so much to see and experience such as the seaside, mountains, Sahara desert, imperial cities, exciting medinas, friendly people and wonderful food. I would highly recommend this program.
A wonderful and comprehensive way to explore Moroccan culture within the limits of a 2-week visit.
The Morocco trip was a very educational and informative trip which enhanced my understanding of North Africa's culture and history as well as a better understanding of Islam. The mountains and desert were spectacular and the Moroccan architecture and tile work were beautiful. The program was very well run and our tour director did an excellent job. I would highly recommend this trip.
Highly recommend this trip. The "bus" time may seem daunting when you read the explanation, but it was so worth it. The trip takes you all over the country. Driving it allows you to see all the varied landscapes you would not see, if, you did not drive it. Great balance of education, varied locations, great food, and shopping for unique items. LOVED IT!! (p.s. Rachid and Widad made the trip)
Great trip. Excellent guide. Wonderful lectures. Beautiful scenery. Very nice people. Real learning experience. Highly recommend.
What a wonderful journey we all went on! Morocco is layered with multiple civilizations/cultures and we were introduced to so much in just a few short weeks. We learned a lot, and we experienced a lot. I never felt like we were skimming the surface. Rachid our leader was awesome. He is a treasure to travel with.
Our guide, Rachid, said: "If you're confused, that's good, because it means that you're beginning to understand Morocco." By collaborating with the Center for Cross Cultural Learning in Rabat, Road Scholar has created an excellent introduction to the history, culture, and the many facets of Moroccan life.
This is a fabulous Road Scholar program with some lengthy bus rides but well worth the experience and education.
Great program to learn about a new culture and country
Romans, Arabs, Bedouins, Amazigh (Berbers), Touaregs weave a fascinating and vibrant cloth as brilliant as the rugs we admired on our trip. Our foray into the desert allowed us to pretend a wonderful trek in caravan mode. Rachid and our driver facilitated everything, and promoted our group cohesiveness. A most delightful and educational voyage. A "do not miss" adventure.
The trip to Morocco was absolutely marvelous from beginning to end...You will love it!!!
Although the trip was extremely educational and fun in so many ways, people should know that there is very little free time to exercise, reflect, be one one's own. Also, there is a great deal of time riding on the bus. Superb leaders!!!!
OK. I have filled out this survey twice. Hope you got it. Please post online!!!
Amazing geography from snow to seashore to desert to city to rural village. Equally amazing rich culture and history. Best RS tour director and best RS guide to date. Shared their knowledge and love of their complex country through sites but also themselves. I truly left feeling that I have an understanding of the Muslim culture including Islam.
Morocco:Melting Pot of Cultures helped me understand the diverse Muslim populations. The country was visually stimulating, People were interesting and eager to help. Our leader Rachid was always responsive and ran a well organized thoughtful tour. He was candid and as interested in us as we were in his culture. Local guides were also excellent. A must for your understanding of an increasingly complex area of the world.
This program goes on the bucket list if you are interested in a learning experience. Leader is super.

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