Independent Barcelona: People, Arts and Architecture
Explore Barcelona with plenty of time on your own. Learn about famed works by Picasso, traditional Catalan folklore dance and the surreal works of Gaudi.
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It was a wonderful trip. The size of the group was just perfect and everyone was very friendly and engaging. Paola is very knowledgeable and very personable. Loved the lectures by Sylvia and Mayite (?) the best. The hotel was very nice and in a very central location. The lectures were very informative, and the program allowed a great deal of flexibility and free time. Barcelona was amazing! Suggestions: (1) some of the lectures (like La Sagrada Familia, Park Guell, and Picasso museum) should be given in advance (and not during the tour) to allow greater enjoyment at our own pace and less distractions. (2) wish I had known in advance about the fairly inexpnsive day trips to Tangier that are independantly available. (3) Monserrat should have been included (or more strongly encouraged) Would highly recommend this trip for solo travelers and free spirits who do not want an overly-structured agenda while on vacation.


Independent Barcelona offered a perfect mix of guided visits to the best of this wonderful city and free time to do more, according to our budget and interests. The guides were upbeat, helpful and knowledgeable. The program was delightful, educational, and s great value.


Over the years I've done many Road Scholar (formerly Elderhostel) programs and I would rate this as one of the best!


Independent Barcelona was a terrfic experience. We have always wanted to see Barcelona and it exceeded all my expectations. The people were friendly and warm, the food and wines delicious and the city has gorgeous architecture. We walked and did hundreds of steps a day to our great enjoyment. Our guide Paola was lovely and helpful. The ancillary lecturers were superb..smart and very entertaining with their mounds of information. We learned so much about the Catalan history, artists of the area and Gaudi. Our group was friendly and flexible which was good as the program does stress Independent in the title. We traveled a great deal on the Metro which added to the immersion experience as well as orient us to the city.We had the luxury of staying 5 extra days on our own which allowed us to see some of the countryside and historical sights ( Girona, Sitges and Dali Museum in Figueres). Highly recommend this trip!!!


This Barcelona Trip was one of the best I have taken, because of the quality of the leader and lectures and flexible program plus good value.


Independent Barcelona is the perfect mix of organized activities and free time. I highly recommend this trip.


The trip to Barcelona was excellent. The Road Scholar program is well designed to provide education and fun. For the best experience on this trip you should ask when Maevon will next be the group leader. Jonathan Harrison

William Davis

This program combined history, art, food, culture while visiting sites and areas which helped to bring all the complicated elements together in a very positive way. Barcelona is an amazing city. This was our first tour of any kind. I can't recommend it too highly.


This was a wonderful way to be introduced to Barcelona! Our guide(s) were entertaining and helpful - the walking tours and lectures not only gave us valuable information but also whetted our interest in learning and exploring more. There were some meals included, which were really delicious and a great way to bond with the rest of the group. We thoroughly enjoyed both the group activities and the adventures we created for ourselves - I highly recommend this experience. It was our first Road Scholar tour, and it exceeded expectations!


Wonderful program for those comfortable with being on their own in a city. It is a nice mix of tours, lectures, museums and a few group meals in good restaurants, but also with lots of time on your own to explore your interests and dining. The gathering at days' end for a glass of wine or cava provides a way to learn what others have done and how to do it and to find companions for evening meals and activities.


This trip was both educational and fun--also fueled by good food, chocolate, and wine. Barcelona is a beautiful city and when you know more about its history, art, architecture, and culture, it is even more brilliant. This trip also pairs well with Independent Prague Art & Architecture and I would encourage participants to do both, if possible.


This was a phenomenal trip. For starters, this group of Road Scholars was my favorite of all my trips (this was #4). Our guide, Maevon, was fun, knowlegeable, and available. The local guides, Silvia, Maite, and Andrea, were superb. Silvia is a font of knowledge and of good humor! Barcelona is probably my new favorite city and while we had a good introduction, I surely hope to return on my own to savor the architecture, the language, the tapas, and, if lucky, the beach . The hotel was just fine, with good service and comfortable beds. The breakfast was delightful every day. I felt completely safe despite the recent Rambla massacre, and was at ease in the Metro. I highly recommend this trip.


I am already thinking of what Road Scholar program I want to do next!


The Independent Barcelona Tour was an incredible learning experience. The tour leader and group was fun and welcoming. Just the right amount of learning and free time. Hotel and meals were great.


If you value art, history, excellent wine and food, enjoy meeting like-minded people and are up for an interesting and compelling adventure in Barcelona, please take this trip!

Rita Kay

I thought I knew where I was going but was wrong. I did not realize that the region of Catalonia was a distinct region with its own language as well as culture. I love the time to explore on your own time. I would consider taking this program again. There is so much to learn!


Excellent trip with top quality leader and education presenters. Hotel was ideally located, making bus, metro and walking easy. Barcelona may even put Paris in second place for favorite cities to visit!


The Barcelona Art and Architecture tour was my first Road Scholar experience and I was very happy with the program, the leaders and the other participants. Just the right balance of scheduled and free time in an exciting location.


The itinerary afforded an excellent overview of Barcelona’s art and architecture and ample opportunity to explore this delightful city independently. The group leader, Eve Charlier, was excellent in every respect. She was flawlessly organized, amiable, and knowledgeable. She struck the right balance between offering suggestions and facilitating choices without impinging on participants’ decisions about the use of free time. The local guides, Sylvia and Andrea, were likewise excellent – knowledgeable and companionable. The hotel was well-located and comfortable. Highly recommended.


The Barcelona Art and Architecture trip was fantastic. The guides were delightful, well-informed, flexible and so helpful. This trip maintains a great balance between structure and independence. Barcelona is a very accessible and easily navigated city. The food and wine are fabulous and the people are so friendly. I would highly recommend this trip to others.

This reviewer did not give a star rating.

Wonderful trip! What memories! Top notch guide and lectures! Barcelona has great culture, history, art, architecture, food, the sea and to top it off the people are nice. Another well done Road Scholar trip.


I loved the Independent Barcelona trip. I am an independent traveler who does not usually travel by tour, but I chose this one because I don't speak any Spanish. It was great, getting me to attractions I wanted to visit but also allowing me free time to visit other attractions on my own.


Include a comment box for multi-cultural individuals: I could have crossed-off several of the options.


Terrific educational adventure in Barcelona. Excellent mix of structured activities and time on my own to explore Barcelona's amazing art and architecture. Easy navigation of the city whether using the metro or walking. Strolling Barcelona is such a delight. Sadly I forgot my Fitbit! Tapas, seafood, great coffee and wine...Hard to get on that plane to come home!


I highly recommend this Independent Barcelona tour. The tour leader and tour guide were knowledgeable, friendly, and excellent ambassadors for Spain. The trip made me want to return to Spain soon. The actively level is accurate though I found myself taking advantage of the free time and walking the beautiful boulevards and neighborhoods of Barcelona, ending up walking miles a day (the public transportation is good and easy to use so I did use it occasionally).

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