Celebrate the New Year At Old Faithful and Mammoth Hot Springs
Ring in the New Year with geysers and hot springs at Yellowstone National Park, where you’ll learn about geology, hear engaging lectures and see bison, eagles and elk in the wild.
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The trip was great and unique. The program was necessary for the access, The guides were good. New Years was celebrated watching Old Faithful spout. Constant close viewing of wildlife and nature. logistics to getting to the start of the program is a little daunting but well worth it.


What a treat to experience Yellowstone in winter


Catherine and Bill Cain, as well as the snow coach drives, helped me better understand the raw power and beauty of Yellowstone. The Park is both a tranquil place and a physically scary place of astounding sites. Winter time in the Park is a special time to enjoy it without the crowds.


Marvelous experience! The fascinating adaptations of the wildlife the beauty of the thermal features challenging the ice. The exquisite Snow lodge and gourmet meals, made ringing in the new year very memorable. All staff contributed facts and answered questions with enthusiasm and consideration.

This reviewer did not give a star rating.

The trip in general was really good. Don't know why you would advertise the trip as celebrating NY's when the coordinator's had no intentions of any type "celebration"! That I found to be really irritating. The group did their own "little" bit of celebrating. The trip coordinators were both very knowledgeable about the area and it was obvious thought it was the best place to live in the country, to the point of being smug about it! Our last days outing turned into a real disaster, the scheduled travel provider said they had no record of being scheduled, leaving the group short changed on time in Lamar valley. they did arrive hours late and the driver, billed as excellent, by Bill was anything but! bus windows were always iced up couldn't see out, group told to use their credit card to scrap windows really?? the driver wouldn't stop for any pictures even when we did see anything. Not like there was a line of traffic, like summer. The 100.00 rebate was not enough for that mess of a wasted day. Yellowstone is just a fantastic place I wanted the trip to be perfect. Our bus guide, a permanent employee of park was very knowledge of park and it was obvious loved it, wanted everybody to respect it and love it too. I'm sorry I don't have his name? He was a big guy with a bread and a great sense of humor. A number of people got sick including Catherine, again the trip overall was really good but I hope you change or improve the items mentioned. thank you Janet Dtoltz


It can be a great trip if you are prepared for the cold.

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