Two Founders and an Artist in Early America: Patrick Henry, John Marshall, and E
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Learn about three extraordinary men whose legacies connect in Richmond. Come to know the man behind a famous rallying cry of the American Revolution, Patrick Henry, defender of religious liberty, leader at the forefront of the Virginia revolutionary forces and resolute opponent of a strong federal system. Witness the legacy of Chief Justice John Marshall, unsurpassed contributor to American jurisprudence and great rival to Henry and to Thomas Jefferson. Examine the life and works of Edgar Allan Poe, master of short prose, romantic poet and for Europeans the American prototype of the poor starving artist.

Best of all, you'll ...

  • Walk through Scotchtown, Patrick Henry’s home in the 1770s, restored to its original condition, and stand in St. John’s, the “ancient” church where Henry gave his famous speech.
  • Explore John Marshall’s 1790 home in fashionable Court End, where as Chief Justice he lived most of the year.
  • Absorb the Romantic atmosphere of the Poe Museum, home to a unique collection of Poe memorabilia, and ponder the author’s impact on popular imagination.
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