Genealogy at the World-Famous Family History Library
Join genealogical experts at the world’s largest genealogy research library to discover your family’s own unique story.
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If you have been wanting to research your family history, but don't know where to start or hit a wall, this is the program for you. The lectures and professional consultations help make a lot of things make more sense. In addition, many resources not available elsewhere are at your fingertips. Especially printed books and journals which are rarely online.
I encourage my friends to explore the RS web site all the time! I think it is one of the BEST travel agencies around. I LOVE that I NEVER have to pay a single supplement (I call it a penalty) with RS. Even though I travel as a solo much of the time, when I am with the RS program I can choose whether or not to have a roommate. The plan has yet to backfire on me.
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This was a fantastic program and I will not hesitate to take it again. The group leader and his wife as well as the rest of the staff were knowledgeable and patient in teaching us the ins and outs of finding our roots. The only down side was all the wonderful food. Now I am having to diet to take off the weight that I gained!
I had a most wonderful time. I learned a lot about my ancestors. And I enjoyed Utah and Salt Lake City. I attended several extra venues in my free time.
While this program is a week long, the time just flew by. It takes at least two days to understand and start using the library effectively. Out group leader kept us all smoothly functioning and trained us a great deal on use of materials unique to the library. It was so nice to sit with a group of solo women travelers like myself and we enjoyed visiting and telling stories about our ancestors. A very delightful group.
The phrase that the Family History Library contains billions of records doesn't mean much until you had to actually find something. The layout of the library itself, the very helpful docents and the free FamilySearch app is a most useful search tool (once you understand its capabilities) all made the search task so much easier. A visit to a rehearsal of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir was a real nice addition.
Road Scholar trips are wonderful learning experiences. Each person is able to view the catalogs and select special areas to visit, meeting new challenges. The factor of paying for the trip up front, they state was prices are included making it easy to choose a destination.
I'm the other half of that serendipitous roommate selection. Thank you Road Scholar. This as about my 33rd Elderhostel/Road Scholar program. I've enjoyed them all and this one was especially useful in helping me to get back into my genealogy search and to give me several new directions for research.
Quite by chance or by Road Scholar magic, my room mate and I had been freshmen at Reed College, Portland, OR 69 (Yes, sixty nine) years ago. Catching up was rewarding and delightful.
An excellent, well-planned and well-run program with very helpful professional genealogists available to help unearth your ancestors' history. It's worth attending.
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This was my first trip to the Family Search Library (FSL) in Salt Lake City and I'm glad I made the trip with the Roads Scholar Group. Even as an experienced researcher I learned some new search strategies and with the help of our expert genealogist I was able to look at those most challenging Brick Walls with a fresh set of eyes and was given guidelines on how to conduct a more in depth and rigorous study. Our accommodations were at the Plaza Hotel just a short walk of the FSL and Temple Square . It was a n easy walk to the Library after the Lectures. Every day we attended presentations by professional genealogist from Heritage Consulting on specific topics and then had one on one consultations, throughout the week with their team of experts. Stan and his team helped us focus our research and provided guidance on those challenging research projects. The volunteers that staff the library are friendly, helpful and extremely knowable. It was a lot of fun being with a group of like minded researchers, all eager to expand their knowledge and push back those branches a few more generations. We were very happy with how the tour was organized and conducted - kudos to organizers, Gary and Sandy. I'd highly recommend this tour this tour for anyone that wants to expand their knowledge and learn more about their ancestors. Unless you are just starting out as a complete newbie in Genealogy Research I highly recommend taking the intermediate or even advanced version of this tour. Besides the research we had opportunity to tour the nearby Conference Center and attend the Tabernacle Choir practice on Thursday evening, don't pass that up if at all possible. Seeing and hearing the Choir in person is a whole different experience than watching them on TV, very impressive. The groups final dinner was held at the historic Lion House, a nice way to cap off a fun week of research and say our goodbyes to our group members. Gary and Val
A fast moving comprehensive program focusing on family ancestry and methods of verifying candidates for positions on family trees. Well designed and implemented to provide a lifetime memorable experience.
Have you ever wondered where you (and your family) came from? Who were these ancestors that played a part in who you are today? Put your curiosity to work in this very interesting program that digs into your history and helps you put the pieces of the puzzle together. A great experience!
This was my fourth Road Scholar/Elder Hostel program and I have been completely satisfied with each one attended. However, the leadership on this program was outstanding as was the help in research. I can highly recommend the program to anyone who is interested in learning more of their family history.
Don't be afraid of the Beyond Beginner and Beyond Intermediate programs. Everyone in my group had a fair amount of genealogy knowledge and work on their family. No one was treated like we did not know enough. We were all complimented on our preparation and work at the Family Library. We were all treated with great respect. Great group of people all around.

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