Dinosaur Bone Preservation: From the Jurassic to the Lab
Discover the Late Jurassic Period at the Wyoming Dinosaur Center, where you’ll help paleontologists preserve dinosaur bones, make castings, identify specimens and explore dig sites.
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Delve into Wyoming's compelling geologic history — dinosaurs did roam this corner of the earth! Nearly 150 million years ago, dinosaurs such as Diplodocus, Camarasaurus and Allosaurus roamed and thrived on the land that is now modern-day Wyoming. Investigate the lives of these fascinating Jurassic creatures as you help paleontologists from the Wyoming Dinosaur Center (WDC) prepare dinosaur bones for preservation and display. Gain hands-on experience in the molding and casting process to create bone replicas, and get in-depth insight into the museum’s dinosaur exhibits and collections. Learn about Wind River Canyon and the World’s Largest Mineral Hot Springs, and explore the dig sites under excavation by the WDC.
Small Group
Small Group
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Best of all, you'll ...

  • Earn a Basic Lab Preparation Techniques Certification, a status offering evidence of field competence for future museum work.
  • Under the instruction of paleontologists, prepare bones in the lab and learn molding and casting techniques used to make replicas of the specimens.
  • Weather permitting, search for fossils in a Jurassic sea bed or view Native American petroglyphs.

General Notes

Due to the nature of this program, listening devices are not available.
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