Choose Your Pace: Hiking and Walking Classics in Québec & Vermont

Choose gentle walks or demanding hikes as you explore landscapes of Vermont and Québec. Dive deeper into the local culture as you speak with historians and taste regional specialties.
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This was our first Road Scholar experience and it set a high bar! Comfortable lodge, amazing meals, beautiful autumn hikes, and informed, passionate, and friendly leaders. The program was a good value, too. We definitely enjoyed being just over the border, in Quebec, and thus immersed in a different culture.

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This trip exceeded my expectations. The B&B was welcoming, anticipated our needs and the food was exquisite. Steve was a fount of knowledge about the area and its flora, fauna, and history (although the slow group heard most of it). Shawn was high energy and accomadating, and also a source of local color. Our hiking guides were patient and supportive. The drives were a bit long, but that's what we count on... for the staff to get us to the best hikes, which can be a problem if you go independently. The evening programs ran a little long, and we didn't mean to disrepect the speakers, but we were tired and many had had wine with dinner. I plan to return to the Outdoor Inn at Glen Sutton in two weeks for a Kayaking trip, I would recommend this destination to anyone. Scott Chatham


This program is especially valuable for those who are not sure they can do challenging hikes and want to be offered options or might want to hike one day and just walk the next day. It is also an excellent way to gain a better understanding of our northern neighbors- the French Quebecans.


This program is a perfect blend of activity, education and relaxing time. The meals are the best I have had on any Road Scholar trip. I enjoyed the camaraderie of the participants, guides and staff. I would recommend this trip to anyone who enjoys hiking in and learning about Eastern Quebec Province.


The ‘Choose Your Own Pace’ Walking/Hiking in Quebec and Vermont was a very worthwhile adventure. The Providers were very welcoming, informative, and flexible. I was comforted in knowing that I was never out of my comfort zone, yet free to accept a new challenge if desired. The lectures were informative; the hikes/walks inspiring; and the accommodations/meals were impressive! I highly recommend this program.


A wonderful hiking/walking trip at a beautiful Inn with gourmet food--what could be better?


Stephen and Joy provided a homey atmosphere with wonderfully prepared meals. The hikes/walks were nice, although having to drive 2-3 hours round trip each day to two of the hike locations (e.g., Stowe) was a negative.


This was my first time with Road Scholar but it will not be my last. It was a very enjoyable experience and cost effective. I will definitely be looking for another trip with RS very soon.


This was our 12th RS trip. The hiking was challenging, largely due to wet weather. The trails were slippery in many places and there was a fair amount of scrambling. The one walk that we did was really a hike. There were plenty of guides who were very helpful. The lodging we had was fine. The beds were very comfortable, and there was more than adequate lighting. The food was good, better than most of the other trips that we have participated in. There was plenty of delicious fresh fruit. The evening programs varied in quality. One speaker, who was a college professor, was excellent. The other guest speaker gave a basic powerpoint presentation. The group leader was brilliant and could talk about almost anything. He informed us, however, that was his next to the last trip he himself was doing.


Excellent hiking opportunities in a beautiful place, with extremely friendly and helpful guides. They did everything they could to be of help.


If you like fresh air, beautiful scenery, fantastic food and smiling faces, this is THE program for you. As Mary Poppins would say, "Practically perfect in every way." Thank you to everyone associated with this trip for such an amazing and welcoming experience.


The outdoor lodge in Glen Sutton, Quebec is a top notch facility. Stephen and Joy Run a 4 star accommodations. The atmosphere, rooms, cleanliness, food, all were superb. It is so much nicer than staying in a motel and just going to restaurants. Thank you And the hiking in Quebec and Vermont were exciting.


Before going on this trip, reading the reviews left me with several questions about the difficulty of the hikes, and I hope (probably vainly) to help clarify that here. I am 60, run 2-4 miles about three times a week, and have backpacked most of my life, and have bagged a couple of Colorado fourteeners. I found the hardest hikes a good day's work, but not so hard I that I felt worn out the next day. My wife has a bad knee and was not raised to the outdoors. She found the walks pretty challenging, I think, but was always ready to go the next day. The last day's walk was a lot for her, but there was an easier option offered that she did not take. The lodge WILL accommodate everyone's wishes. There was a time or two when only one person chose a particular option, and so the lodge staffed three different trips. As to whether there is pressure from the group to go faster or beyond your ability, I was aware of none, but I imagine that varies from group to group. When on a hike, though, the lead guide and the sweep guide have radios to stay in touch, and the sweep won't rush you (I know this because I often lingered to look at something or take pictures). And I will second all the kudos about the food (I know some of the comments sounded over the top, but they are true... my wife took home a handful of the recipes too). and the guides. I cannot say enough about how much i enjoyed talking with all the staff and how helpful and competent they were. And yes, the wifi has some bandwidth issues, but it is a minor nuisance. If you really must stay connected, get international roaming with data on your phone and do your business on the rides to the hikes. The cell reception on the highway is pretty good much of the time. The only other thing I would say is the program guide says to bring $100 Canadian with you, and I doubt you will spend that much. I thoroughly enjoyed myself on this trip.


I have nothing negative to say about Hiking and Walking. Friendly hikers(14), able and caring hosts, superb food and well thought out hikes. Our group leaders made the hikes enjoyable. DG from western MA

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