West Virginia

Primitive Rug Hooking

Discover the ancient art of rug hooking and learn about hooking techniques, tools and templates as you work alongside experts to create your own beautiful hooked rug.
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I just returned from this trip and it was the worse RS trip in the 14 or so that I have experienced. The instructor did not care about the individuals in the class or make any attempt to create a cohesive group. She ended up insulting, demeaning me publicly in front of two classes, and making me leave the class in tears. In my defense, she did the same to the Program Director who said I was right and did not do anything wrong. The instructor tried to extort a $50 kit fee (by lying to the whole class , insulting me, and bullying me)even though I told her well before! the class that I did not need one and would bring my own tools and kits since I just wanted a vacation to hook. She was out no time or money since she had not prepared a kit for any of us. The others drew theirs and cut their wool in class. Another student got the $50 refunded because she also had brought and worked on her own kit. The food was the worst of any program, US or international, I have taken. Bad, boring, unseasoned, and poorly presented. Spoiled salad, rancid taco shells, dried out refried beans, and soggy tasteless Belgian waffles. Apparently they have previously provided baked products like hot fresh donuts on Friday but they were not in evidence. No salt or seasonings seemed to be used and condiments to add flavor were not available. Ps: the bacon was ok but it was so thin you could read the newspaper thru it . I ended up throwing out more than I ate. Labels would be helpful. Coffee cups and juice cups teeny tiny. The last "celebration" dinner was just as bad. It ended up being a rolled chicken dish but had been cooked/steamed in foil and the heavy dose of coating which had no flavor was wet and soggy rather than crispy. You have to have a car in case of storms because it is about a 4 block walk one way to the dining hall. Note: no drinking water was provided in the classroom building. You could get water from the bathroom sink or go find $1.50 bottled water.

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