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Adirondack Great Camp Adventure: Sagamore With Your Grandchild
Welcome to Sagamore’s historic Grands Camp, where a fun-filled week of hiking, canoeing, and making s’mores with your grandchild will reveal the best of the Great Outdoors.
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There was only one item that I nearly missed on the website prior to the camp which was information about the parent consent form. Perhaps that ought to be highlighted better as missing it would likely cause difficulties.


The grandparent/grandchild trip to the Great Camp Sagamore, in the Adirondack area, was a fun filled, active, educational trip in beautiful nature. Will do it again.


Great(er than the sum of it's parts) Camp Sagamore What a rare opportunity to be in such a beautiful setting with really caring and skilled guides/teachers/leaders, one on one with my grandson. I learned a lot about him and he learned a lot about music, art and nature. We canoed, hiked, went on a bug walk, a bird walk and an owl walk...We wove a wildflower vase, a braided doorknob wreath, he danced for joy in the barn, told stories and made s'mores. He learned to play a lap harp and I learned to play a dulcimer and we participated together in concert... It's hard to put the magic of this place and this experience into words. This was a grandchild for whom I had some reservations (a bit impulsive, not into fine motor, never been away from parents)...but he soared. The supportive warm staff, the age-appropriate activities, the opportunities for safe and yet autonomous play, the wonders of nature...it all comes together here.


This was a wonderful experience to be with our grandaughters in a gorgeous setting. Living in historic buildings, we felt we were going back in time and thoroughly enjoyed the scenic surroundings. The activities were varied and presented by experts: music - contra dancing; nature; canoeing.


Great Week!!!!. Our grandson loved it and it gave us a chance to connect with him and share an experience that we hope he will remember for the rest of his life. (Everything was well done and we enjoyed the other grandparents and grandchildren who were on with us)


What a joy it was to share my grandson's "first-time-at-camp" experience, and to have him say he wants to go back!


This was my third time attending this program, second time with my 7 year old granddaughter. We had a wonderful time. Sagamore is a very special place and the program is outstanding. Lots of time outdoors, nature walks, canoeing, stream exploration, music, dance, crafts and lots of kids to play with. Well organized with outstanding instructors.


My grandchild and I enjoyed our stay in this otherworldly place. The quiet of the lake and the woods around us, the history of the establishment, the delightful instructors and wonderful participants, all made for a memorable week.


I attended the intergenerational program at Great Camp Sagamore in July with my six-year-old granddaughter, and really enjoyed the time we spent there. The days and evenings were filled with engaging activities, most led by well-trained, kid-oriented staff, but there was also time to swim in the lake, kayak on your own, or just chill and gaze at the views. We especially enjoyed learning songs and dances, roasting marshmallows over a campfire, canoeing to a lovely lakefront beach, discovering nature through stream walks, owl hunts, getting close up with insects, and more. The view from our room across the lake was spectacular. The food suited the kids as well as adults and included excellent vegetarian options as well as good coffee in the morning. I loved getting a chance to talk with our wonderful group of grandparents who came from every part of the country. This was my first Road Scholar program, but there will definitely be more!


I can't say enough good things about the intergenerational program at Great Camp Sagamore. There was an excellent balance of interesting activities throughout the day which we and our 6 year old grandson loved. He made new friends and cried when it was time to leave. He made us promise we would do this again!


This was such a fun, well organized, educational trip. Just the right amount of time for planned learning activities, free time, creativity activities, hiking, canoeing, and stream walking! Every instructor/guide was well versed in their area of expertise as well as in keeping the grandchildren entertained, interestive and on track. Big thumbs up!!


Great program for an active seven year old and his less active Nana. We both thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Music and Art programs are especially good.


The "Grands" camp at Sagamore provided me and my grandson a really unique opportunity to be together one-on-one in a beautiful setting with really engaging activities and great staff. We both extracted ourselves from the screens and rushing around and relaxed to the point that the rain that came about every day did not dampen the experience at all. Can't wait until my next grandchild is old enough to go to Sagamore!

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