Choose Your Pace: Hiking Mt. Hood and Cascade Mountain Lakes

With experts, hike the scenic trails of Mt. Hood and the Cascade Mountains at your pace, discovering hidden waterfalls and lakes and the National Historic Landmark Timberline Lodge.
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You can expect very comfortable lodging in a beautiful, forested area and incredible food morning and evening. If you're used to RS choose your pace hiking trips that offer 3 hike levels - easy, medium, and challenging - every day, this is not it. The hikes were awesome but some days the choices were: too easy or too hard, no medium. If that's ok with you Do it! You won't be sorry.


If you like hiking in a huge group all bunched up this might be the trip for you. Unfortunately, I like to enjoy hiking with a room between myself and others. Some days we spread out but most days the hikes were managed so we were on top of each other. This trip was promoted as small group hikes but if you chose to do the longer hikes we usually had 15 plus people. There was also no mention in the trip description that we would spend so much time travelling to trail heads – a couple of days it was a 3 hours round trip which was disappointing. Most trips with this much driving disclose it so you know what to expect. The food at Collins conference center was outstanding and the kitchen staff was awesome. The views from Tom, Dick and Harry were amazing…probably the best views of any hike I’ve ever taken…and that is saying a lot. Views of 5 snow covered peaks surrounded us. Oregon is a beautiful and I look forward to coming back to the state. Ken, the trip leader was knowledgeable but could be condescending which got old. The other staff members (Nancy and Barb) were a delight.


This program has it all: amazing location, great food which exceeded my expectations in many ways, lovely location of the retreat center (you can actually hike around the retreat center), interesting and challenging hikes with different scenery every day, helpful guides, and overall wonderful educational experience. The last Trillium Lake hike was a real treat.


Excellent program. What really helped was 3 guides instead of the usual two. The head guide Ken just needs to remember that not all of us are camels and need more water than he does but it wasn't a big problem. Excellent food! The variety of hikes and the different pace for slower hikers was a good idea. The guides were really diligent and caring especially during a freak hail storm when one inconsiderate hiker took off on her own and they needed to look for her. They were ready to call out search and rescue. Beautiful scenery in the rain forests and all the water falls and lakes. A real Northwest adventure!


Good balance of hikes for all levels. Stunningly beautiful scenery. My favorite was the old growth forest walk.


Our first Road Scholar trip exceeded all expectations!


Great program for different levels of hiking abilities. The facility where the program is housed is outstanding with the best food service. The leaders are well organized, personable and most importantly know what they are doing in the hiking world. This trip is a great way to experience the Mt. Hood area.


This was a wonderful trip--easier on some days, challenging on others for a 60-plus person. Although I had trained for this trip through long-distance walking, I would have been better prepared had I trained on bigger hills. Even so, I was able to complete all of the daily trips with no pains or complaints. The guides were very knowledgeable, personable, and considerate; the accommodations, though not fancy, were absolutely fine. In fact, the food was close to gourmet, with an emphasis on farm to table and organic. I highly recommend this one.


Ken and Mark did a great job of leading our group of scenic hikes in the Cascade Mts.


I enjoyed this hiking trip so much! The leaders were so organized!@ Each day brought on unique and interesting hikes, I loved the way it was put together. The food was incredible! Very healthy, first class and gourmet. The retreat center was in the woods and very peaceful, the way a retreat center should be.Great week!


This was a very good program. Here's why: The scenery was beautiful; the hiking options met the variable needs of the group; the organization was very good; the food was very good and plentiful; the accomodations were fine. Mark, one of the presenters and a guide was very knowledgeable about many topics and was masterful with his presentations. I have taken seven other Road Scholar hiking trips and this is the first one where my leg muscles are a bit tired after the week of hiking. I liked that there were a number of hikes with up hill stretches and that most of the hikes were underneath the forest canopy which protected us from the sun. Overall, highly recommended.


Fabulous hikes. Wonderful food at this retreat center.


This trip was wonderful! The hikes were diverse and beautiful, and all of them offered offered options of different lengths and difficulty. The leaders Ken and Mark were knowledgeable, and created an atmosphere of support and encouragement throughout the week, being more than willing to accommodate differing hiking abilities. The Alton Collins Retreat Center was a comfortable place to stay, and the meals were out of this world. Thanks to Vanessa and her team for the delicious and healthy meals, and for providing for various food needs and restrictions. We lucked out with the weather, so the scenery during our hikes was beyond spectacular. Other participants were interesting and fun, so everything about the trip was enjoyable. I highly recommend this trip!

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