Hawaii Water Adventure: A Marine Exploration With Your Grandchild
Hawaii is home to surfing, under-sea volcanoes, colorful beaches and unique coral reefs. Come get your feet wet with your grandchild on a marine adventure through the islands.
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The grandkids enjoyed the surfing and snorkeling which encompassed about 25% of the trip. Although not mentioned in the program it would have been nice if we could have learned about the Hawaiian culture, especially on the one plus hour bus trips we were on. Since Road Scholar is a learning adventure, this would have been more than appropriate. The submarine trip was fun but we aw a minimum of fish. The Polynesian Culture Center resembled more of a disneyland atmosphere rather than learning any culture. Even the event on the river was beautiful Hawaiian but no explanation of the reason behind the performances. It is assumed you understand the culture and what is being presented. The program leader was deficient in understanding the details of leading a program. This resulted in do-overs, non-needed walking and overall administrative deficiencies. We were daily signing favors which should have been addressed either before the trip or at the introduction meeting. If the program can be repaired, I think it could be a wonderful learning and doing adventure


A very worthwhile trip. The inter-generational aspect was the big draw for us, and worked out well -- time with our granddaughter plus contemporaries for both the kids and the adults. Trip details were all well planned and well executed.


The surfing, snorkeling and sailing were wonderful. The fish and coral are amazing. My granddaughter loved every minute of the water activity. I was thrilled with the submarine ride to the man made reefs to see how the fish and coral have begun to make them home. We both learned so much. One word of caution, August can be hot and humid. The air conditioning works well! The the food is yummy.


This program exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend it.


I highly recommend this trip for grandparents and grandchildren. We learned a lot and had fun learning. We had some unique experiences that most tourists never even hear about.

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