Arizona/New Mexico
Pueblo Heritage: The Anasazi, Hopi, Navajo and Chaco Canyon
Immerse yourself in the culture and mystery of America’s Southwest as you explore ancient cliff dwellings, attend a Native-arts demonstration and visit world-renowned Chaco Canyon.
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Great opportunity to experience Native speakers and lands not easily available to the general public. Program had lots of variety and choices about how strenuous you wanted your hikes to be. Absolutely stunning landscapes.


The trip was well worth it. Very informative and interesting. The places we saw were fantastic and the staff friendly, welcoming, and very informative and knew their stuff.


The ruins are so much more amazing in person than can be imagined. The trip is well organized and the experience gets better as the trip goes on.


this tour will allow you to walk interesting trails, meet native americans who will share their knowledge and demonstrate musical or artistic talent, and visit places of great beauty.


This was an interesting and educational trip that and a lot of fun too. Beautiful country, wonderful people.


LOVED my trip and made new friends and looking forward to many more trips in future!


Great way to travel and explore!


This was our first Road Scholar trip and we are already thinking about another. The small group was perfect for us and the sights wetted our appetite for more.


This program was an incredible learning experience, and our guides were very good, especially Fil Kewanyama who told us so much about the Hopis and Navajo while we were riding in his van. One thing to be forewarned about, however, is that this is a true "Keep the Pace" program with a strenuous schedule. Not physically strenuous -- just from the standpoint of being on the go with some long drives and not much time to catch your breath throughout the day.


I thoroughly enjoyed this trip! I learned so much about the history of the Ancient Puebloans, Hopis and Navahos. It was well run, the accomodations were fine, the guest artists were great, and the trip leader was the best.


This program was exactly as described. The sites visted were very interesting and offered a perspective of native cultures not previously experienced.


A good learning experience. Glad we did it.


What an incredible tour! Our leaders were excellent. The places we visited and the guest speakers were all fascinating. I learned so much on this tour. I highly recommend it for anyone interested in better understanding Native Americans or in visiting historic landmarks.


I really enjoyed this tour. The staff and the other participants couldn't have been more enjoyable, and the subject material was well balanced and presented by experts. It was a delight.


Informative and interesting. Well presented!


This program was so much more than I had hoped! Very knowledgeable leaders. If anything could be improved on, in my opinion... it would be to increase the length of the program.


This trip is an excellent one to learn about the Pueblo heritage and culture and history of the Hopi and Navajo Native Americans. The trip to Canyon de Chelly was the highlight of the tour for me with views from the top in the morning and a wonderful trip into the base of the canyon in 4X4's in the afternoon led by Navajos.


The program was everything I had hoped it would be. I have wanted to visit Chaco for years but the dirt road was intimidating. It included a bit of hiking for those us who wanted it, but the alternate activities were equally appealing. If I did it again I would arrive early or stay on after the program for an extra day in Flagstaff and a leisurely independent visit to Museum of Northern Arizona. It is a treasure.


If you have ever wanted to know about the early Native Americans, this program is for you. So very informative and interesting, not to mention the beauty of the canyons you visit. I loved the total package.


Deep and thought provoking. I am still processing all that I learned, experienced and saw ! Great staff! It was a winner!


This was our first Road Scholar trip and it turned out to be a wonderful educational experience that really did exceed our expectations. The scholar who led our Pueblo & Anasazi program was extremely knowledgeable about a wide range of subjects, was very passionate about Pueblo history, culture and modern life and was very generous in sharing his knowledge. The trip was beautifully organized, accommodations comfortable, and our fellow travelers on this journey very pleasant. Julie & Tony Broom, Stony Creek, CT


Spectacular landscapes, fascinating cultural sites and great leadership make this trip a winner. If you are interested in learning more about Navajo and Hopi culture as well as the Ancestral Puebloans you should go.

This reviewer did not give a star rating.

2 Stars: Though the guides were very knowledgeable and friendly, and the sights such as Canyon de Chelly, Chaco Canyon, Hubbell Trading Post etc. really amazing to see, the overall experience was not very good for a number of reasons: first, the small vans used for transportation were VERY uncomfortable and difficult to get in and out of, considering we were mostly folks over 60. We would recommend larger/taller vans with actual steps to climb in and out of the van and the ability to stand up and negotiate our way in and out. The ones used were totally inappropriate. Second, this was at best a budget minus tour, with barely a step above Motel 6 accommodations. Knowing that the first hotel in Flagstaff was in the midst of an extensive, noisy and dusty renovation, the tour planners should have found alternative accommodations for our group (there were plenty of vacancies around); the hotel was completely unacceptable, and our stay was very uncomfortable! Third, nearly all the meals were atrocious! Really? in all of Flagstaff, Sizzler's and some disgusting "Chinese" buffet is the best you could do??? If you're putting us all in vans and transporting us to a meal anyway, why not find places that actually have edible healthy food, instead of the indigestible junk at those locations? Very disappointed in Road Scholar - so far it's been 0 for 2 as far as our two trips go. I think we are done with Road Scholar....too bad.


This was my first tour and it did not disappoint. Tour went into Arizona/New Mexico Native American Pueblo people's culture, country, ruins, food, song. Tour guides were excellent, knowledgable. I came away wanting trip to be longer! Mike, South San Francisco, CA


This was a fascinating look into the Indian culture. I enjoyed this trip very much.


This was an easy to access website. There was no evaluation for one of the guides- Norm. I would like to recommend him but didn't see a space or I missed it. The directions said not to back up.


We greatly enjoyed this program which educated and inspired us to learn more about Pueblo heritage sites and the Native Americans who still inhabit some of these areas. We also learned about the fragility of the land and ruins and the impact that our modern society has had on them as well as potential dangers that we can work towards trying to minimize.

Jo Ann

This high desert region of the Southwest is remote. Roadscholar trips take you to the best of the sights in the comfort of a van. The leaders share the best history and insights. Way to go!


An opportunity to gain an insider view of Hopi and Navajo culture and history and to see the beauty of America's Southwest.


Outstanding program that I would highly recommend. The leader was well informed and I learned new information. I have purchased books he recommended.


This is another of Road Scholar's outstanding programs! Excellent leaders, great locations, significant experiences.

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