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Blood, Bullets & Ballistics: How Real CSIs Get the Job Done

Explore the real-world excitement of CSI as you join forensic scientists to participate in crime lab demonstrations, learn about DNA analysis and help solve a mock homicide.
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Can’t wait to take part in another experience with Road Schlar!


I would not only recommend road scholar to friends --- but I would encourage them to sign up and get educated with the many programs they offer


Very cool, had fun and made friends.


I loved this program! I learned about blood spatter patterns, forensic toxicology, DNA testing, technology in law enforcement and got an inside look at how medical examiners, criminologists, and the police work together to work a crime scene. Best of all we got to practice on a simulated crime scene the last day--and we realized how much we learned! Connie


This is an AWESOME program if you are interested in forensics and how it relates to investigating and interpreting crime scenes. There are several facets of presentation from medical examiner to blood spatter to firearms to toxicology. Local real stories are shared.


Had a wonderful time at Pilgrim Pines - learned a lot and enjoyed the diversity of the group. The location is beautiful and the staff were very pleasant and accommodating though next time I'll bring my own blanket. The bathrooms were spotless!


The instructors provided an abundance of material, stopped to answer participant questions, and moved smoothly right back to the subject matter. There was blood and gore but tempered by the humor of the instructors and the interesting facts they presented. After presenting the participants with enough facts & figures, then the instructors turn the tide, and ask us, the participants to figure out what happened: was the blood because of gunshot or stabbing, was it murder or suicide, blood drip or blood spatter? We also received “extras.” We had an evening of live music; one hour, one evening, by a very special local guitarist. We were also able to watch a short documentary on one of the subjects who was briefly discussed by one of our instructors. Both of these extras enhanced the program. Also, our hostess Tiffany bent and reshaped the program to our needs and requests. She was everywhere and very sensitive to each and everyone person. Tiffany was genuinely friendly and funny too! The facility, Pilgrim Pines, is beautiful, a wooded area with Lake Swanzey at your doorstep. I was able to get in a walk every day it didn’t rain. All the cabins were within walking distance of the dining area, and our daily lectures; all accessible by ramp and/or a few steps. One person with a walker had no problem entering/exiting all facilities. Even when we went off site, everyone was accommodated. The chefs are also jewels. I am not vegetarian but the vegetarian food was delicious. I rarely eat beef but the beef brisket was oh so tender. A different soup everyday which were hot, flavorful, and well seasoned. Not at all like CSI on TV because that’s not real but this program was!


Great program but bring soap, hairdryer and boots!

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