The Best of Iceland: A Country of Beautiful Contrasts
Traverse the wonders of Iceland with locals and scholarly experts, delving deep into a landscape of stunning geological features, glaciers, and bubbling thermal pools.
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Just came back from a Road Scholar trip to Iceland. It was a wonderful trip; the Blue Lagoon, Icelandic horses, geothermal power plant, tomatoes grown in a geothermal greenhouse, gorgeous scenery, great guide and lectures - and more!


Wonderful trip!!!!!!!! Road Scholar I would highly recommend to anyone who loves to travel with a group!


This tour exceeded my expectations! Beautiful country, interesting culture and history, lots of good educational experiences, enjoyable fellow travelers, and delicious food. Thank you Harpa and Steinunn for making it extra special!


This was our first trip with Road Scholar (we went to Iceland) and it was everything we could have wished for.....every detail taken care of, fascinating and informative lectures, a guide who was simply extraordinary....knowledgable, fun, patient, and someone we would love to live near. Plus three wonderful entertainments offered in the evenings. The hotels and the food were great. We will absolutely plan another trip with them.


If you're looking for a beautiful land, congenial people, wonderful food and a place where nature is on awesome display at every turn, this is the tour to choose.


The program went beyond expectations. I had no idea what to expect. what made it especially good was the Program Leader, Eirikur Einarsson. With his knowledge, humor and understanding of who we are and his own country, he made us feel comfortable in a strange place. Iceland is a wonderful country and more people should visit it.


This was an outstanding program and exceeded all expectations.


This program is very comprehensive: geology, history, literature, agriculture, farming, Icelandic horses, the fishing industry, geothermal power, whale watching, waterfalls, geysers, lava fields, rifts caused by the continental shift, and thermal pools. A few of our group didn't bring bathing suits and missed the awesome experience of wading in the Blue Lagoon (admission included in this program). The mineral water truly did make my skin feel healthier! We also saw the Northern Lights, but at this time of year they are more white than green or blue. The food was up to Road Scholar's exceptional standards. Well-prepared and plentiful. Iceland's staple is fish, cooked many ways, fresh organic tomato soup, and lamb (also cooked in various ways). The vegetarians in our group ate so well that at one point I said, "Wow, I wish I was vegetarian!" The field trips were all interesting and Eirikur was very good at explaining what we saw looking out the bus window at lava fields, mountains, volcanoes, steam vents, lichen, rifts, etc.


Visiting this island and learning it's history gave me great respect for its founders and their hardships. Each country has a different history, but we aren't really aware of it until we are able to visit and hear about it first hand.


Roadscholar made Iceland a land to remember and a trip to remember!! Try it --you will love it.


This program gave me an overall view of the highlights of Iceland, helping me to better understand their history, geology, and their people. I felt very safe and relaxed in Iceland and took some risks in eating things I would not normally encounter. And I loved everything I tasted! One does have to like lamb and fish, though, as that is what most of the meals consist of. Fortunately, I love both so had no problem. I learned many new things about the country that I had never closely examined before. Their geography, outlook, and way of life is somewhat different from other countries I have visited, so it was a great learning experience for me.


Iceland was much more interesting than I expected. The history of the settlement of the country and the geological features is fascinating.


The Best of Iceland trip was a fantastic experience. The beauty of Iceland, while I expected phenomenal beauty, far exceeded my expectations. The Road Scholar educational experience completely opened my eyes to the very interesting history and culture of Iceland as well as its scenic beauty. This trip is not to be missed.


Very good trip. In organizing my photos for Facebook, I was amazed at how many different sites we had visited in 12 days!


A wonderful, beautiful, educational trip full of scenic vistas, waterfalls, friendly people, Viking history and lots of fish!


I can not think of a better way to experience the beauty and grandeur of Iceland, than with Road Scholar.


This was an excellent survey of many significant attractions and history of Iceland: Sagas, whales, horses, people and the ever-present rugged natural wonders. Straddling two tectonic plates wasn't so bad, either! A great introduction to Iceland that paves the way for future more-focused return visits.


Iceland is a unique and fascinating country. This trip provides a complete overview of the geology, culture, and history of this beautiful land.


Iceland's blend of fire and ice is unlike any place on earth. It's citizens welcome guests and are patient w/ questions about their landscape, Sagas, literacy rates. The bus rides can be a bit long but the destinations fulfill all expectations. The skyr (Icelandic yougart) is a must try food, not so much the rehydrated shark. Just remember the VAT is 13% on food and 23% on everything else.


The geology and history of Iceland are fascinating. We enjoyed swimming in the Blue Lagoon, whale watching, and visiting geysers and waterfalls. One warning: there are swarms of insects at Lake Myvatn, so you should consider bringing a net to wear over your head.

Mary Anne

Best trip ever! I learned so much about geology just by being able to see it first hand.


We just returned from an outstanding Road Scholar program which I would highly recommend for anyone interested in a grand experience…including the origin and history of Iceland dating all the way back to the Vikings, the magnificent scenery, majestic snowcapped mountains, graceful Icelandic Horses, glaciers, a country that is completely reliant on sustainable geo thermal energy, a country with one of the lowest crime rates in the world, great food, warm friendly people, learning about cod fish processing, whale watching, tasting the freshest scallops right out of the ocean pulled from the trawling net, up close to the natural habitats of white tailed eagles, puffins, dolphins. This is one of the best Road Scholar programs my wife and I have attended. C. White


The program was wonderful. A new and interesting landscape, people and way of life became familiar.


If you want to get to know the geology of Iceland, this trip is not for you. It's mostly a cultural exploration of the island, which was interesting and unexpected in many ways but not what I expected or wanted from this program. Also, pray you get a better leader than we did. Communication was bad to non existent. The activity level of the program is low, lots of time on the bus going back and forth over the same roads to see different venues. The food was very good on the whole but be prepared for fish and lamb almost exclusively. Major sites were very crowded with mega shiploads of other tourists visiting at the same time. Maybe visiting more out of the way spots would have been better. I feel I know a lot more about Iceland than when I started but I also feel I missed a lot.

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