Malta, Keystone of Mediterranean History

From ancient limestone temples to Europe’s first-ever planned city, from unique culinary traditions to world-class architecture and art, Malta is a wonder to explore.
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Wonderful guides. Trip was well organized with no wasted time. I especially enjoyed the dinner that was set up with Maltese people.


Malta is an amazing place to visit - extremely friendly and helpful people, a small country with a great variety of urban areas, towns, natural areas, military sites, archaeological sites, museums and interpretive centers. The local food scene is rich in Mediterranean and North African influences. The Road Scholar guides have been with the company for years and have a very solid program of lectures and experiences. They really enjoy sharing their country with tour participants.


If you love pre-history, this trip is a must! The oldest free-standing structures on Earth - older than the Pyramids of Egypt!


Malta is a lovely island with a mind-boggling history.


Fascinating history, little know, very well presented


This is a fantastic program. You will learn about or view thousands of years of history. It's a great mix of lectures and "field trips". Well worth the cost.

This reviewer did not give a star rating.

The Malta trip last September was wonderful in every way: trip planning, accommodations, choice of restaurants, activities. Especially fun and interesting was the pasta dinner with the “locals” at the sports club. The choice of folks was brilliant and the conversation which ensued got right to the heart of the Road Scholar experience—people meeting people to share life stories and travels. But personally, the most significant part of the trip was the larger-than-life personality of the leader, Josette. Her skills were really tested when she had to roll me (literally) from the hotel to the St. James Hospital for a medical emergency and an overnight stay. She then kept her very competent eye on me for the rest of the trip—to keep me out of trouble and to support my co-travelers, my wife and my sister. Her care and sense of humor was just magnificent. What a testament to Road Scholar’s skill and care in hiring and mentoring its staff!


This is a wonderful program, facilitated by the excellent team of Vivian, Josette, and Mary. In the lectures by local experts and during the excursions, I learned about many aspects of Maltese society and culture - the unique language, fascinating history and prehistory, delicious Maltese cuisine and wine, Maltese-style bocci, and more! For such a small island, Malta has much to offer those who visit. A stop for a day by a cruise liner would not even begin to do the island justice. As we were nearing the end of this ten day program, I realized there was still so more to be experienced. So I hope I can return one of these days and see even more of this amazing place. I highly recommend "Malta - Keystone of Mediterranean History".

This reviewer did not give a star rating.

Tour was excellent. Our travel directors (Vivian, Mary, and Josette) were friendly, well organised and informative. The group was a good size and very friendly. The hotel (The Victoria Hotel) is a great location, comfortable and the meals were good. The airport transfers organised by the hotel were efficient. The tour contents were comprehensive, the activities were well timed. The organised transport was good, the drivers friendly and professional, the buses clean and comfortable. All the lectures were interesting, the presentation material was well organised and the speakers spoke clearly, friendly and encouraged questions. The Prehistoric Cultures of Malta lecture by Mr. Conti could have been given more time.


“Malta, Keystone of Mediterranean History” (#3215) is an outstanding program - comprehensive, well-organized and highly educational. Josette, Vivian and Mary were a wonderful team who went out of their way to meet every need of our group. Malta is a place most people know OF, but know very little ABOUT. I entered this program with a passing curiosity and emerged absolutely fascinated by the history and culture of this unique land. The lectures were of the highest quality, interspersed with activities such as dinner with locals and a visit to a neighborhood bocce club. Mdina and Valletta are fascinating cities, with much to see and do. The day in Gozo was a welcome respite from the hustle and bustle that typifies so much of Malta. The free afternoons were a perfect opportunity to pursue areas of personal interest. The Lascaris War Rooms and the underground shelter at the Malta At War Museum tell the incredible story of Malta’s role during the Second World War. Well worth reading, either before or after going to Malta, are - “At All Costs: How a Crippled Ship and Two American Merchant Mariners Turned the Tide of World War II” by Sam Moses and “The Ohio and Malta: The Legendary Tanker That Refused to Die” by Michael Pearson. Another nice feature of the program was being in a single location for ten consecutive nights. The hotel is comfortable and well situated, with a grocery store around the corner and the popular Sliema pedestrian promenade a ten-minute walk away. On a sunny day, the rooftop pool is a perfect place to relax and enjoy beautiful views. Overall, this is an excellent program. For the history more than anything, it is highly recommended.


Malta is a very interesting and fascinating corner of the world. The speakers and guides are top notch and possess a lot of passion for Malta. There were no questions that went unanswered. Easily the most organized tour I have signed up for...my first Road Scholar tour and it won't be my last.


This is an active and interesting trip, especially if you have an interest in history. The Maltese people are very friendly and the main cities are historic and charming. The program is varied and should have an interest for everyone.

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