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A Cycling Journey: Munich to Vienna along The Danube River

Follow quiet bike paths along the sparkling Danube as you explore the history, folklore and culture of Bavaria and Upper Austria, with visits to castle ruins and a 900-year-old abbey.
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Program No. 3044RJ
14 days
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A Cycling Journey: Munich to Vienna along The Danube River

Follow quiet bike paths along the sparkling Danube as you explore the history, folklore and culture of Bavaria and Upper Austria, with visits to castle ruins and a 900-year-old abbey.
14 days
Starts at
Program No. 3044 RJ
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At a Glance

Centuries ago, “treppelweg,” or towpaths, were laid down along the mighty Danube so that horses could pull barges along the river. This system allowed goods to be transported between the Black Forest and the Black Sea — a 1,777-mile journey. In Germany and Austria, many of these storied paths have today been converted into beautiful, car-free bike paths. Follow the “treppelweg” on an unforgettable bike journey that reveals the amazing environments, fascinating folklore and city and village life along the Danube.
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Small Group
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Best of all, you'll ...

  • Pedal through the Wachau wine region with a stop at 900-year-old Benedictine Melk Abbey for a history lesson.
  • Discover the fascinating history of shipping on the Danube River during a visit to the Schifffahrtsmuseum tucked away in Castle Greinburg.
  • Enjoy an organ concert at St. Stephan’s Cathedral in Passau, home to the largest church organ in the world.
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Just Ride, A Radically Practical Guide to Riding Your Bike
by Grant Petersen
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Danubia, A Personal History of Habsburg Europe
by Simon Winder
Winder, author of Germania (GER270), considers the legacy of the Habsburg Europe in this charmingly digressive history and travelogue.
The Danube, A Cultural History
by Andrew Beattie
Beattie gives a comprehensive overview of the Danube’s role as a vital shipping artery and a uniting thread through the region’s turbulent history.
A Time of Gifts
by Patrick Leigh Fermor
Fermor effortlessly interweaves anecdote, history and culture in this exuberant account of a walk from Holland, up the Rhine and down the Danube, through Germany, Prague and Austria in 1933. Written not in the moment, but 40 years later, the accumulation of time and experience give the book particular poignancy.
The Danube
by Nick Thorpe
Thorpe travels against the current on a year-long journey from the Black Sea to the Black Forest, mixing accounts of his daily morning swims with environmental research, archaeological observations and, especially, tales of the ferrymen and fisherman, shopkeepers, activists and others he meets along the way. Central Europe correspondent for the BBC, the British journalist and writer has lived in Budapest since 1986.
Birds of Europe
by Lars Svensson
Featuring 3,500 glorious paintings by Killian Mullarney and Dan Zetterstrom, the second edition of this exquisite guide has been updated with revised text and maps.
Europe Map
by Michelin Travel Publications
A one-sided map of all of Europe, as far east as Russia and western Turkey, at a scale of 1:3,000,000.
Between the Woods and the Water
by Patrick Leigh Fermor
Fermor continues with youthful adventures in Hungary and Romania, culminating with his arrival at the Iron Gates on the Danube.
A Nervous Splendor, Vienna 1888-1889
by Frederic Morton
A portrait of Vienna at the end of the 19th century, this book focuses on Crown Prince Rudolph, his devastating suicide and the rich texture of gossip and daily life at the Habsburg Court.
The Radetzky March
by Joseph Roth, Joachim Neugroschel (Translator)
Magnificently set against the backdrop of the twilight of the Habsburg empire, Roth's family saga takes in the sweep of history and empire in Central Europe. The richly textured novel opens at the battle of Solferino, when young Lieutenant Trotta saves the life of the Emperor.
The Third Man and the Fallen Idol
by Graham Greene
A haunting tale and penetrating portrait of Vienna after World War II, "The Third Man" is the result of Greene's collaboration with Carol Reed on the classic movie. "The Fallen Idol" is a separate tale of intrigue set in Britain.
Mozart, A Life
by Paul Johnson
Challenging myths surrounding Mozart’s health, religion and relationships, biographer Paul Johnson shows the great composer’s lasting impact on the musical world with insight.
by Claudio Magris
Mixing history, personalities and literature, Magris traces the course of the Danube from its source in the heart of the Austro-Hungarian Empire through the Balkans to the Black Sea in this anything but conventional travelogue, first published in 1986.

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