Science Adventures: Biology in Virginia With Your Grandchild

Become scientists for a week on an adventure with your grandchild as you learn about the animals that live in and near the Chesapeake Bay and do hands-on science with real biologists!
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6 days
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This program was fun and educational and interactive. A great experience, I believe, for the grandparents and grand children. You will not be disappointed in any way if you sign up for this experience


I can't imagine a better grandparent/child adventure! My ten year-old partner and I enjoyed learning new skills, visiting the beach to collect marine samples, canoeing in the swamp, digging for fossils, doing crafts....etc. Every day was full, rewarding, and just plain fun. As the program ended, all the children were reading the catalog to find next year's adventure.


Engaging, fun week for both kids and grandparents! We had lots of fun going on the daily field trips and doing the different lab projects. My 9 year old granddaughter was fully engrossed in all the activities and made special new friends (as did I).


This was our first grandparent-grandchild experience and will not be our last. We had a fabulous time with our 8-year-old granddaughter and are already planning future RS adventures to share with her and her younger sister when she is older. We got to see our granddaughter interact with staff, grandparents, and other children and enjoyed seeing her ability to communicate with others, including the time she reached out to a shy child to make sure that he was okay. We especially enjoyed picking through an owl pellet together in search of bones and seeing the joy on our granddaughter's face when she found a rodent skull!


the staff were kind and funny, i would recommend this to anyone looking for some adventure with your family.

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This was the perfect choice for my 8 yr old grandson! He loves reptiles, dinosaurs, fossils, all animals. The variety of instructors, each with their special knowledge and interest, made this wonderful. Ours was a very rainy week with adjustments made daily to accommodate the weather conditions but we did not miss out on anything. We experienced every part of the Virginia Living Museum with enough free time to explore on our own but not too much. I was amazed by our leaders; their excitement was contagious. I learned so much about my home state - Virginia! The meals were better than I had anticipated and our accommodations were quite pleasant. The kids and adults bonded early on which is always an interesting part to these intergenerational programs.


This program is a wonderful adventure to share with your grandchild. It provides a variety of activities and utilizes all the resources at the Virginia Living Museum as well as takes a great filed trip to a salt marsh and the Chesapeake Bay. All the staff work so well with children. We were happily engaged the entire time and everyone learned something new. Linda Clarke

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