Conference on Civil Rights: A Road Scholar President’s Program

Go beyond the headlines as you take part in a civil rights conference of epic proportions. Learn from civil rights historians and heroes in the city where the movement was born.
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If you want to be inspired by the resilience of the human experience, take this trip . If you want to be encouraged to make a diffrence in this world, take this trip.


Do not hesitate to enroll in this program! You will learn and experience amazing information about a topic you may think you know. The Legacy Museum and the Peace and Justice Memorial alone are reasons to enroll.


This was my first Road Scholar experience. It lived up to it's reputation of providing quality educational adventures/experiences. When my I heard about The Conference on Civil Rights my friend and I signed up quickly. It was definitely something we wanted to do. It was powerful everyday! If you've wondered what really happened or want to go in-depth on this topic, please sign up for the next one! You will be glad you did. We are developing a worship service on our experience for two Unitarian Universalist Congregations that we attend. We hope to encourage others to increase their activism on civil rights and criminal justice.


A life-changing and life-deepening experience for white people to be able to walk in the historic footsteps of people of color and victims of racism during and after slavery.


The Civil Rights Tour was terrific. The quality of the programs were great. The whole tour from start to finish was first class.


As an African American I had trepidation about attending this program without a majority of African American people. I wondered if I could experience the program and feel the rage, frustration and sorrow in front of others. I also wondered if the program would help me experience a transformation of my feelings so I could take up less space in my mind and heart with the pain of what has happened in the South and continues to happen in our country to people of color. Going in with these concerns and now having completed the program, I can say that it was a safe affirming, challenging and transformative experience. I heard directly from freedom riders, foot soldiers, and people who knew Martin Luther King Jr. I stood in the places where they stood and walked the walks taken by enslaved ancestors and modern heroes. While I experienced the pain, I am left with awe and wonder and celebration of the strength and resilience of my people. Most attendees were thoughtful, humble and processing their own journey. I can highly recommend this experience for you and yours.


The conference on civil rights was a wonderful experience both educationally and emotionally!


Absolutely an astonishing program. Learning and hearing from actual foot soldiers and others who were directly and intimately involved and/or impacted by the civil rights movement. The variety and quality of speaks was riveting and supplanted by physical tours to key locations/churches/museums further enriched the learning experience. This is not to be missed. I am honored to have been on hallowed ground. I came back a changed person, spiritually and emotionally. There remains much work to be done to assure justice and equal rights for all our USA citizens. Well done Road Scholar!


This couldn't have been a better conference. The speakers were excellent, the sites were well-chosen and spaced between sedentary programs, and the participants were all so congenial and interested in learning. Your staff was available and helpful everywhere we went, and the hotel was excellent. I think connecting the dots was important for me. Attending Spelman College was just a blip in 1962 but now I have a much better picture of the before and after of the movement and the context of Alabama. Specifics I remember and recommend you use again: Steve Murray, opening speaker and state archivist (excellent overview of history- can you include time to visit that museum?) Joe Caver- our group leader (he is a wealth of information and was always giving us inside history, insights etc.- what he lacks in group movements/giving instructions/keeping track of us etc is more than made up in his expertise) All field trips and museums- tops All speakers/panels were excellent Oh yes, can we prevent the flu bug? We kept going but felt terrible and stayed near bathrooms. We only missed Carolyn McKinstry because we slept 10 hours to recover. Unfortunately, it all returned for another 24 hours when we left, but we are fine now and smiling at how fast it happened and what a good job you all did to try to stop it. Just sorry to have missed several good meals! How can we complain? It isn't coronavirus. Joyce and Mark Minor, Morehead, KY


A deep dive into the roots and horrible remnants of racism in our society, but also into the amazing bravery of 1000s of African Americans who made the civil rights movement possible and victorious.


The Conference on Civil Rights is a life-changing experience. It's a wonderful blend of information and experiences. The guides and staff are knowledgeable and always there to help when needed. I recommend this program without hesitation!


This program is a deep dive into the details of the civil rights activism in the south in the 60's and the lead-up to the events of the era, constructed in a method that pulls together the events in a way not covered in history books, showing the desperation and the determination of the times and the events. It is thought-provoking and life-changing.


I just returned from this amazing learning adventure! The civil rights conference was one of the most impactful experiences of my life.


This is an excellent experience for anyone who is interested in the history of racism in the USA and the ongoing struggle for freedom.


Exceptionally worthwhile week spend on civil war and post-civil war USA. The Legacy Museum and Monument are not to be missed. We hope future trips include a day for them. The focus on the evolution of slavery in the US is of itself reason to select this trip.


This highly successful, invigorating program included an organized, intense week that told a true narrative of the Civil Rights Movement and the history that led up to it, without being too harsh or too sanitized. Deeply touched emotionally by the message, I found the presentations to us and discussions among us to be lively, in-depth, thought-provoking, and inspirational. I learned there is a lot I didn't know about the Civil Rights Movement and American history, this week filling many voids in my knowledge. Out of all of the US trips I've taken, this one stands out as being the most superb. I'll be back!

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