The Best of the Mediterranean by Ship

Sail the waters of the Mediterranean on an immersive round-trip journey from Rome to antiquity and back, visiting ancient ports and modern metropolises of eight countries along the way.
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The shores of the Mediterranean harbor some of the world’s greatest treasures — Greek temples, Roman theaters, Venetian fortifications, Renaissance masterpieces and more. Trace the remarkable achievements of Europe’s greatest civilizations from the Acropolis casting its shadow upon Athens to the magnum opuses lining the halls of Vatican City. Sailing round-trip from Rome, navigate east from Dubrovnik towards the cliffs of Santorini before chasing the sunset until you reach Gibraltar on a voyage of discovery into the best of the Mediterranean.

Best of all, you'll ...

  • Trace the accomplishments of ancient Greece and Rome from their ancient capitals of Rome and Athens to their maritime colonies, Cartagena and Marseille.
  • Wander the halls of Vatican City and the Vatican Museums with a local expert who will introduce the masterpieces protected within the world’s smallest country.
  • Learn how the Mediterranean shaped the development of Europe on field trips to the Venetian fortifications at Dubrovnik and the Rock of Gibraltar.
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